A quick look at how to download and install Android apps from the Android Market.


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  1. You make it look easy.  I cannot even get into the market app on my phone.  Usually at this point I just take the phone to the AT&T store and have one of the people there do it for me.

  2. MikeZuniga100795 Reply

    does cricket have the android market?? please let me know!

  3. Ceuşan Cătălin Reply

    I tried to buy GTA VICE CITY and they said " GTA Vice City is cancelled by google wallet " Try to blah blah blah.. wtf ??

  4. David Gascon Reply

    Switching from iPhone to s3 Wednesday. Great video. Very informative. Thanks!

  5. nelson tenebruso Reply

    i cant find my market help it says play it doesnt say market

  6. Kareem Samman Reply

    who the hell would download tetris on his cell phone?!

  7. despina apostolidou Reply

    are the apps from android market safe? Cause one of my friends had to delete many of his apps saying that he got notifications from his antivirus that the apps contained viruses. would someone fill me in please?

  8. Si Thu Hla Oo Reply

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-5830i. And i already log in with my gmail account in setting menu and i enabled all the sync data. The problem is, when i tab the android market on my phone it keep on saying "Authentication required. Please log into your Google account". So i check my google account and there is no verification mail or anything. it is already 3 days. Pls help me.

  9. mackychloe Reply

    How do i comment & rate through my pc, or is it only poss' from phone??

  10. Jake Butler Reply

    how do u make to accounts on market when i go into markey it says my old email and password how to i change itto my new 1 ?

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