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  1. P.C. Windham Paranormal/Romance/Sci-fi/Fantasy Reply

    I really hate it when tutorials have no voice. Makes it useless to me.

  2. Linkfreak 404 Reply

    Why do people feel the need to always put on loud, obnoxious music when making tutorial videos?!

  3. MrAsfdjkl12345 Reply

    Anyone have advice on using this to stream without stuttering/delay/lag in the phone video cap device in OBS?

  4. Akur Renjer Reply

    Wifi ip kalo gak keluar gimana ya Android nya soalnya gak ada setelan tambahan kayak di tutorial mas

  5. gaming Shreyam Reply

    after deleting its drivers are still showing in microphone slot

  6. Hérick Phillipe Reply

    Link direct https://www.dev47apps.com/droidcam/windows/

  7. joseph lake Reply

    I don't want to connect my phone to my laptop to show device I want to connect a webcamera to my phone and use that

  8. i uninstalled droidcam and now im stuck with a orange screen in right down corner…….

  9. It's_Theo_Here 1000 Reply

    Keeps saying connection failed plz help
    or with usb no devices detected

  10. Sprinkle The only sans wife and girlfriend Reply

    When I playy roblox its either don't move in game or let them see my face.

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