Today we are going to turn our android tv box into a multi tasking capable mini pc Beelink GT King: Sentio Launcher: …




  1. This is such a good and affordable idea. Windows has become a unpopular platform of choice. Hopefully this will catch on.

  2. Kuncoro Hadi Wibowo Reply

    I can't find sentio desktop in Android TV's Play store. but I can get it in my phone's playstore

  3. Amine Badri Reply

    Dude this is not what they asked for !! Just don't treat people like if they are stupid…

  4. how does the launcher emulates an xwindow system? Or ads its own x server?

    One thing that I am looking for is the accessibility features, like in the compiz-config, to set alt+button4 to zoom in and out, cause trying to read the small letters from the tv is really a pain.

    The other problem, maybe related, is to fully customize the keyboard gestures…. since there is no touchscreen, there should be a way to been able to make all those moves with the keyboard and mouse.

  5. Mr. Dragon Reply

    Do you have a problem with the onscreen keyboard popping up when try to type? (i.e. search in Chrome)
    Was going to attempt this with a mi box and this was the issue I kept running into.

  6. Olivier Barthelemy Reply

    I'll beg to differ: I'm doing "Android Desktops" for a few people, and what they want most is something that looks and feels like the phone and tablet they already know how to use, not some complicated Windows wannabe. Multitasking, overlapping/resizable windows, menus… are cool for nerds, but regular Joes/Janes don't want it nor need it. Play to Android's strength (it's simple, and everybody already knows ow to use it) instead of tryinbg to massage it into something it's not.
    So, my mom's Android Desktop looks like her tablet: 3-button bar at the bottom; Widgets all over the screen for mail, news, weather and message; all the same apps as her tablet and phone.
    My tips and tricks:
    0- don't give in to your nerds instincts, basic users want their tablet only bigger and with keyboard and mouse and webcam and printer, not some completely different more complicated almost-Windows

    1- lock down the desktop so noob users don't mess it up accidentally
    2- webcams often work better off a powered USB hub because a cheap box doesn't supply enough juice over its USB ports
    3- PrinterShare is a life saver if you've got to support old non-CloudPrint printers
    4- Wifi is often flaky, so the user has to master the "turn wifi off, reconnect" procedure; and full reboot if this fails.

  7. Manqoba Nxumalo Reply

    Roberto quick question….x96mini or mxq 4k pro? i do not want to regret making a wrong buy tomorrow

  8. Interesting launcher. The title bars are huge though taking up a lot of screen real-estate. I wonder if the borders can be modified?

  9. Are you using a wireless keyboard and mouse? Can I use usb mouse and keyboard?

  10. Jack0 Trades Reply

    Man you have an amazing voice you should be a voice artist for documentaries and stuff !!

  11. How different is using Sentio mode from using Samsung Dex mode?

  12. I would never do that! Like you say it is just a luncher and it is still the Android below. Incl all sniffer tool and old patch levels and security issues.
    The German government for IT security just warned for some China phones (blackview) that have build in maleware in the firmware.
    The same could be valid for the cheap China boxes. And there you will use a desktop? Do Banking? Sorry!

  13. Konstadino P Reply

    Second! What about minix neo u-9h? I want split mode a camera app and anything else but i have android 6 cause 7 has too many bugs.

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