This full tutorial will run you through how to setup Samsung Pay on your Samsung phone so you can carry less cards with you and pay with your phone almost anywhere! In this video I use the Galaxy Note 9 but it will work with many Samsung phones all the way back to the Galaxy S6.

Does my bank have support?

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  1. Tech With Brett Reply

    A few more details: Samsung pay is also supported on the A series of phones. 1000s of banks and credit unions are supported and you can even use your chip enabled cards!
    Learn more:

  2. Man can you help me I dont remember my Samsung pay pin can you help me

  3. Walmart always gives me problems like taking forever to approve the transaction or wrong card reading. Always do self check out because regular registers the cashiers always freak out don't have any idea what you are doing and kept repeating: "we don't take apple pay" 🤦‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  4. Hectic1 Tech Reply

    1'st step: go to korea and threaten their ceo's to add more countries in their coverage list.

  5. Who has Samsung galaxy 10 e with me 😃20 like is u have it 🤩🤩

  6. How can I gift to my close ones like money or points? Is this opinion available?

  7. Thank you for this very clear and detailed video!!! I know this technology has been around since forever, but I've always been confused.

  8. 1misanthropist Reply

    It says my Money Network card that my job issued me and deposits my checks to, isn't compatible. 😡 wtf???

  9. this man is talking a mile a second…slow the f— down, what's the rush, you gotta pottie

  10. Thank you for posting this!
    I had just gotten my A50 the day before and was at Walmart getting a case for it. My phone let me know that Samsung Pay worked at Walmart (it knew I was there), so I signed up and have been having fun with it ever since!
    Man, I love my Samsung.

  11. Roger King Ip Reply

    Can I use Samsung Pay in 2 different countries (2 currencies & 2 credit cards) with the same phone?

  12. Josh Mccarty Reply

    I dont think this answers my question. I use the hidden buttons where the three buttons are a swipe up. Well samsung decided it was a good idea to make samsung pay a swipe up from the center of the bottom screen rendering the other buttons unusable. I want to disable samsung pay from preventing me from using my function buttons.

  13. Cody McKinney Reply

    Just get Google pay.. Samsung pay won't allow you to add passes like Google pay and apple way. Google pay will allow you to sync with your email auto upload movie tickets, boarding passes and coupons. I honestly am mad about it because I like the slide up Samsung pay feature

  14. Sameer Khaild Reply

    I can't use Samsung Pay as my bank has it's own app but its really bad and unreliable

  15. Paul wheatley Reply

    I'm still waiting for my game play that I lost when I was on a kindle. But now I'm on my phone. The game play i lost was for real racing 3 ,which I'd played for years, so i ad to start from the beginning again 😑😑

  16. Emma Alderuccio Reply

    Thank you for your video how do you remove the card if you don’t use that card any more.
    thanks Emma

  17. Gigi Mendez Reply

    Is there any fees for using Samsung pay?cause I was reading the agreements and its started talking about 2% of paying $25 or something like that.

  18. Khalid ِAbdi Reply

    Sir .. I got Samsung Galaxy Note9 and it says "COMINGSOON" what's that?

  19. BellaTheDog 86 Reply

    And here I am trying to figure out how to use Samsung pay on my Samsung galaxy active. And I can't!! Why? The watch has the option but i can't connect it to my phone. Please help!!

  20. edward botheras Reply

    I had the S10+ and the 46mm galaxy watch. But the very small list of banks that were supported o Samsung pay did not include mine. I have gone over to Apple, so no problem now.

  21. Sardonic1981 Reply

    so you can use this as a "swipe" also? do I understand that correctly?

  22. sohan choudhary Reply

    Helpful but what if we forget samsung pay pin how to recover it

  23. Hugh Jasshole Reply

    set up Samsung pay to my debit card. the next day someone had my debit card number and charged a few items to my debit card. coincidence?

  24. I got a8 im with desjardins and my card doesnt work i dont know why

  25. Valentin Șerban Reply

    Hi. Why I can't install samsung pay or G pay on my Samsung galaxy S8?

  26. BOB FLORMAM Reply

    Samsung pay is like kinda not worth it anymore. I remember around the time of the note 5, there was so much insentive to use Samsung pay and earn gift cards. Now the only worthwhile thing is raffles.

  27. ayllaaylla1 Reply

    I have a question. Why would you do all that, when you simply can take your card and pay whatever you have to pay.. It is so much work for at the end the same thing

  28. I live in Greece! how can i use wireless trading since samsung pay is not supported here?

  29. @Tech With Brett
    Will my Samsung Galaxy A10 work with Samsung pay?

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