How to Screen Mirror Android Smartphone or Tablet to Samsung Smart TV via Wi-Fi. How to connect Smartphone or Tablet to Samsung Smart TV using Screen Mirroring. How to stream form Smartphone or Tablet to a Smart TV. Miracast, WiDi, Android Screen Mirroring to a Smart TV. Screen Mirroring via Wi-Fi direct. Samsung Smart View app. samsung smart TV screen mirroring. how to screen mirror on samsung tv. How to Set Up Screen Mirroring on Your Samsung TV. screen mirroring android to tv. screen mirroring android to tv

Miracast or WiDi Wireless Display stream from a Laptop to Samsung smart TV:

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  1. Tricia Akins Reply

    Thank you!!!!!! Wish I would have found your video earlier. Would have saved me soooooo much time & frustration.

  2. Leanne Hughes Reply

    hi when I press smart view on my smartphone it doesnt have any devices to connect? do I need to do anything else? thank u.

  3. Carlos Torres Reply

    Thank you soooooo much!!!! well explained, easy to follow, thank you again, it works.

  4. a1stbornunicorn Reply

    THANK YOU for this easy to follow video! I was trying to figure out how to watch Instagram Live on my TV and this works!

  5. Hanan Al Rayes Reply

    Thanks a lot🌸 I was planning to buy a streaming device for the sake of this 😂

  6. Hi there, please make a tutorial video about how we can connect iphone to samsung tv f
    With free apps. Thnx

  7. Claude Leonard Reply

    I tried with my samsung s8+ and once connected I have to change screen on my cell to the main screen and then it disconnect. Any thoughts?

  8. Jordi Contreras Reply

    I have the galaxy tab a 2019 version.anyond know how I can mirror screen to my tv

  9. Warren Purwanto Reply

    How do i get smart view feature on samsung A5 2016? Please

  10. Jamira Williams Reply

    Okay thats a deep as voice i had to turn on the capstions XD

  11. Former Everything Reply

    Much, much better way to it than previous videos. Worked the first time, after hours of frustration. Thanks!

  12. Mohamed Abdel-Aal Reply

    @ Lucky Bank, now my smart screen has a screen mirroring feature, and the regular phone connection problem on the laptop is done with a Wi-Fi search that actually shows the screen. The problem is I make a call that misses a little and after that he says I could not connect, where is the problem now? It is not assumed that any smart screen you call on the phone you call on the father.

  13. Fia Nurkhalifah Reply

    Why my tv cant connect with the device? How to connect tv to device?

  14. curtis zambrano Reply

    Samsung smart view doesn't work with my Samsung galaxy Tab A 8"

  15. MsMizzy1000 Reply

    I'm trying to screen mirror my lg phone to my samsung smart tv

  16. I had no idea I could do this. You l’ve saved me the headache and money. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  17. Entertainment always Reply

    Man my Samsung led model ue320d4010 is not connecting with my mobile Samsung j8

  18. Smartphone and Smart TV connected via Wi-Fi direct, but then asks for a password. How and where do I find out the fucking password …!?

  19. Venkat Tanmay Reply

    I'm trying to connect my phone to my TV but it is showing as connected but it is not getting opened in TV

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