Watch short video how to restart an app that fixed problems on Android phone and tablet.

How many times do you encounter your apps that froze, not responding or crashing?

Do you know how to troubleshoot these problems on your apps?

Let me show you how to restart apps on Android phone and tablet that fixed problem (before you get frustrated and delete the app).

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  1. Gr8 gr8 u leart that yeeey. Tnx bro u just said i didn't knew that.

    I just wanna ask u on which planet do u leave
    No i don't think u r from earth i believe u r an elien

  2. Theo Cedar Jones Reply

    I am trying to restart an app that was force closed. This is the worst instructional video I have ever seen.

  3. Sohail Syed Sohail Reply

    pls help me how can i do this lolz 😜😜😜

  4. Hamza Riyasat Reply

    everyone knows how to do that,you just wasted your time on this video

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