UPDATED Video Here’s how you can reset your Android box back to factory new in case its firmware goes a little funky and …




  1. Emulation Everything Reply

    You need to ensure you WIPE CACHE and DELVIK CACHE after a factory reset then reboot and wait 10 mins.. Also on A LOT of these boxes the RESET switch is in the AUDIO OUT JACK (Headphone Jack or on some A/V jack)

  2. Have you’ve ever ran into the remote not working to go up or down ? Remote doesn’t seem to do anything now and I’m stuck on recovery option screen

  3. Help got a mxq box power went out and got a unresponsive remote now i see the reboot set up but now my remote not responding

  4. Kamel Mazari Reply

    hey dear beter i have huaxei media Q 220m ott box tv i want hard reset but there is no button reset do u have any idea pls

  5. nvidijac9600 Reply

    X96 mini… pin hole is in AV port, i even opened the box and nothing, i can not get in recovery? any hints how long to press or when to release or what to do,,,i found perfect roms for it to flash but can not enter recovery

  6. Laughatapes Reply

    I'll try to upgrade my Tanix TX6 to Android 9 using this method.

  7. Elizabeth Cheung Reply

    After choosing the app,less than 2 minutes,go back to home , how can I fix this, can not watch anything

  8. Kirrily Naumann Reply

    I have no reset button on my Kodi box and the first MBOX screen stays on, any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  9. Hi. I get to the recovery screen and I cant scroll up or down the menu and cant select anything. I've tried every button on the remote, even tried attaching a mouse, nothing works. Any ideas? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Raman B. Chauhan Reply

    If I reset my Buzz TV box, will I lose the apps that have been installed. Please answer. This is a big concern. I do not want to pay for a reprogramming. Look fwd to hearing your response. Thanks.

  11. My topfield smartPVR has an error code E-24? does anyone know how to fix this please

  12. sarbgya Nayo Reply

    As your video I tried but my tv box is not goes to recovery mode. How to solve this problems?

  13. Roland Cantu Reply

    Yes when go reinstall it download my setting but it stop shat can I do please thsnkyou

  14. i am using h96 pro box and my youtube is not being updated. it says that this is not compatable. how to bring youtube back to is orignal ,

  15. Frank Virzi Reply

    not all boxes have a reset button like A5x plus mini . every time I power it up it goes blank !

  16. Nackata& Meckata Reply

    i have problem today i buy new t9 android box 4 gb ram and i download game free fire and cant start why write this accaunt been suspendet pls help me

  17. DavidPringlepatrick Reply

    hello, maybe you been asked a million times but do you have a fix for the nowtv smart box? i see thousands of posts on line but no fix

  18. Abrar Ahmed Reply

    Hi Peter, Thank you very much for the video appreciate your help. Unfortunately my Zidoo x8 box doesn't get into Android recovery mode at all I tried all I could can you help

  19. John Barrall Reply

    This doesn't work on the q box I've tried it so many times and nothing comes on but my other one mxq works

  20. i dont even have a reboot button on my box and i cant get it too works at all and i tryied all step i got the mxq pro 4k box and isnt doing a thing

  21. Don't ever switch off or reset an android device whilst booting, you could brick it (make the device useless!!) So don't do it! Android devices will reboot themselves if they encounter a problem… Any problems Google android boot loop and your device name and you'll find information on how to do things properly.

  22. Steve Milner Reply

    its NOT bricked if you can get it to factory reset mode – just sayin

  23. i have an mxq box…after doing toothpick method, i;m in android system recovery . i can't navigate using my remote.tried vol+ vol- power..also tried wired,nonwired mouse and wired,nonwired keyboard..nothing works..please help

  24. Rajeev Bharol Reply

    I have DLite+ 5G by Dreamlink and it doesn't have a reset button. Any other way?

  25. Chris Bondar Reply

    I buy a new one, you know what happen ? 100 % my x9y mini problem solved.

  26. Hi Peter.

    I have a T8 Android box. It is stuck in the boot cycle. I have tried a reset several times and still cagey back to the Android reset. Can you please tell me if there is another way to reset?

  27. shahzad ashraf Reply

    Hi dear we face some problem in MX 10 TV BOX PROBLEM IS red light low on but not start tv box with remoot also not reset .please help.Thnaks

  28. Good job bro. No lock screen feature on my Android box so I use CM Lock by Cheetah Mobile for screen lock. You know what? It locked me out of Android OS while I was setting it up. Truly a badly developed app by this China app developer.

  29. Michael Kleanthous Reply

    Hi Peter
    I was trying to update the firmware on My MXIII 4k and when in recovery mode its stuck on no command and no matter what selection I make there in no response. Can you help please.

  30. Sharmin persad Reply

    HI Peter I tried the reset several times but the box is still not responding ..please help

  31. Hi I have a problem is that when I get into the recovery mode, I don't have a remote controler so I can't choose any, i tried with a USB keyboard doesn't work either

  32. My H96 pro+ when in recovery show NO COMMAND. How to solve this. I need to do a hard reset.

  33. Denis Delmage Reply

    How do you reset the units that don't have a reset button? I have the mygigca 1960 model

  34. Luciano Gilio Reply

    Hi, I have a X96s but it is not working, and not even reset is being able to solve. CAn you help how do I connect to a PC? the charger micro usb is not recognized. Thanks for your help.

  35. I did a reset and i try to install kodi and it shows an x and says app not installed please help me

  36. hello, was the reset done by connecting the TV box to a PC or a TV?

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