+   How to put OBB file to your game!
     Terraria Mod Apk
     Terraria OBB File
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~APK – No longer available
~OBB – No longer available
¤Music Used : Tokyo Machine – Pixel
¤Recorded With : Mobizen
¤Edited With : KineMaster Pro
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  1. lakhel mohamed Reply

    Anothercool way togetshowbox in 2020 is this one: 𝐋𝐄𝐎𝐑𝐑𝐎.𝐀𝐑𝐓 prettycool coolthatitworks!

  2. xXTraitorXx games-stuff Reply

    Thank you it still works in 2019😀😀☺☺

  3. K U Z U R I Reply

    Can I know what was the app you used to extract and paste things in file..?

  4. Whitelistkid Reply

    I don't know what an obb file is but thx anyways I might use it in the future

  5. Sahil Soni Reply

    Please make a video that how to play anatomyka app….. Please bro, it's a request..

  6. Sahil Soni Reply

    Bro, I need a help.
    I've tried so many times to play anatomyka app by this method, but it's still not working…
    Can you please help me…

  7. 5 Elements Reply

    1. Download and install the game (apk)
    2. Download the OBB file
    3. Extract the OBB file
    4. Get into the folder that was extracted

    5. Tap and hold the folder for CopyTo Android/OBB

    I tried this but the game does not load its a blank screen

  8. Kiên Đỗ Trung Reply

    These steps are really easy to follow, thanks a lot. By the way, I found this game's apk and obb on apktovi.com, for anyone has interest 😀

  9. Hoang Minh Le Reply

    Pretty cool and work well. Thanks for the vid. I used another way which I have seen on Apktovi and it work too. I have tried it and it also work very well too. You can check out their channel and their website too, best website in my opinion so far.

  10. Thị Quỳnh Hương Võ Reply

    I have watched your tutorial but still dont know where you downloaded APK files :< Recently I have used apktovi and want to stick to it for a long time. Should I continue??

  11. nobody:
    8Xify: asked for 5 likes, he reached 8k.
    Btw tysm, it really works !!! I always download apk and obb files from apktovi, you can check it out.

  12. AdamLeσldѕpσrt 丹113 Reply

    I'll try doing that technique by using another game

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