How to Program your Android TV box Remote This video will show you how to program your Android TV box to control your TV. This will work with most Android …


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  1. Sawan Arora Reply

    Worked great with my remote for T9 android stream box. Thanks!

  2. Lourdes Crohare Reply

    Do you by any chance know how I can get a manual as to how to use this remote?? It came with our Q Android TV Box but we can't figure out how to use the cursor and other things. Remote came with no manual, and Q Tv Box came with no manual so we are like real dummys totally lost trying to watch Kodi and up date it to 18.

  3. Hey can u tell what the buttons on the remote are used for…having problems skipping adds n widening screen dont know which buttons to use

  4. Zach Sonallah Reply

    How can you program it if you dont have the original remote?

  5. William Reyer Reply

    Do you know of any way to do this if you don't have a remote for the tv?

  6. Gurdeep Ricky Reply

    I have same remote for android box and LG tv but android box remote white button keep blink when I press no matter how long but it never remain lit. I don’t know how to pair now

  7. my android tv remote wont flick channels when watching iptv until i log off full screen and choose a channel in the menu which is very irritating to go in the menu everytime

  8. Gonnatell Thetruth Reply

    Can I use the old android box remote to program the new one to work my TV? My TV remote broke and I had to replace my box remote because its almost in half. So box remote to box remote possible or no?? Lol going to try it and see.. I'll be back to tell you

  9. Awesome. Worked perfectly.. also in same way I sat up the TV power button

  10. This didn't work for me = It blinks differently, it's the black variant.

  11. barry hicks Reply

    Is there any other way? My kids broke my remote to my TV. An all I have is the android remote. Is there another way to programe it?

  12. Bethany Baker Reply

    Soppose I want to use the remote for the tv on Android box,my volume button not working so it not turning up,even with the tv turned right up I still can't hear anything

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