Android TV Launchers allow you to control your streaming device and open applications. Most Android TV Boxes come with launchers that aren’t very good.


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  2. Hi have a question, when I installed the launcher the launcher won't be saved on the start up of the Android TV box. There is also no option on the mx96 mini "called" home to set the launcher and save it as my standard system launcher.

  3. Colin Gitsham Reply

    Hi Troy, thanks for info on the tv launcher,I find out that the mecool MK9 Pro will not except the launcher, I also have a fire stick 4k, Cheers

  4. Edin Ademovic Reply

    I use the m16 android box with the atv launcher 😀

  5. Tony Perkins Reply

    I followed your directions a few times now and I can't get the launcher setting to stick when rebooting. The home button always brings up ATV but on boot it goes back to stock until I click home. Thoughts?

  6. Raz watsup Reply

    No settings at all ? Is there any app, like firestarter used to do , that home button on Firestick launches and app instead of going to home

  7. Atanu Naskar Reply

    I use h96 max . Can't install ATV launcher. Please help

  8. bernard john Reply

    This is the best tv launcher around. I've been using it a few years now without a problem.

  9. No disrespect but android tv launcher original was the best that one you’re displaying isn’t eye candy we need something with more innovation

  10. Jeffrey tyler Reply

    Hi I have a h96 Max 4k ultra had box and have try to put a new launcher on it but they will not install I even try ATV launcher and it will not install can I make it happen

  11. Christopher Montt Reply

    I bought an A95X MAX and this is just what i wanted for the launcher .. thanks brother !!!

  12. Steven Cooley Reply

    I am not sure what is going on here when I boot up this Android tv box atv launcher it does not load up first it goes to the home screen first and when I launch the tv launcher not all icons have pictures

  13. Ashley Meagher Reply

    Hello Troy, I followed each step until we restarted the box. However, when the x96s is switched on again, it launches the default launcher. Do I have to root the x96s? Thanks

  14. Is this a replacement for my firestick? Or in addition to? How do I hook up in conjunction with my firestick?

  15. Ronnie Belford Reply

    Has anyone figured out how to download the atv launcher or pro. I have tried a dozen times on my H96 max x2, keep getting errors. Thanks

  16. nortesport Reply

    Quality content as always Troy. I have 3 x firetv 2, 1 x shield & 1 x MX10 Pro.

  17. Joel Williams Reply

    Anyone who buys a fire stick is wasting time. They get hot too fast, just a waste of time and money. Trust me, get an Android Box, save yourself a headache.

  18. Michael Parmes Reply

    I installed the free version to my Nvidia Shield. The only problem I'm having is it won't except any widgets. Will the paid version solve that problem? Thanks.

  19. Willie Vega Reply

    I have an H96 Max Android box and for some reason it won’t install any of the launches in Google play. Do you know why this is?

  20. Ian Salgado Reply

    For the ATV Launcher FREE app, is the install/setup process the same as far as making it default launcher ?….I tried to do it but it seem to go back to the "built-in" app, even though ATV Launcher is set as default.

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