If you’re looking to try out the latest features in Android Q Beta 3 on your Realme 3 Pro, here are some simple step-by-step instructions to help you download and …




  1. How to flash Global rom(ColorOS) on Realme X lite. Android P is beta testing. I think that developers create Realme X Lite for testing Android P.

  2. The dark Banneret Reply

    Please install android q beta 6 and upload video.. please

  3. Sagar Brahamne Reply

    imei number not show and no network after update android Q realme 3 pro

  4. laxman ray Reply

    Hello bro I am installing android q but one problem is this phone is not working network and Internet connection that I have big problem

  5. Anuj Kashyap Reply

    Has realme 3 pro received beta 4 and is the network issue resolved

  6. mutate9601 Reply

    hello broh can you tell me the size of Android p. which you've downloaded btwn 6-7 min

  7. you shoulve showed us what the android q beta 3 looks like in the rm3 pro

  8. CapeFlix Gaming Reply

    Can we permanently settle on android q rather than switching back to color os

  9. Baju Kemeja Reply

    Hey google,
    Can you make the lockscreen more interesting
    1. Swipe from left can access to google news or widget like iphone do, because i want to see my calendar widget and some widget without unlocking it.

    2. On lock screen, can you relocate the position of clock. It so annoying because i could not find lockscreen wallpaper because the clock block the main thing in it. Please relocate it a big higher or like iphone do. Or provide a option to us to relocate it anywhere we want.

    3. I love that new gesture. If you can make the 'back gesture' like iphone, i would happy more.
    How the 'back gesture' ? We can still cancel the 'back' while using safari or whatsapp. Please, I'm looking forward to it.

    From ex iphone user.

  10. elsa putian Reply

    Please make video how to download Android q on vivo x27 because it's Chinese language

  11. jignesh panchal Reply

    Please make a video on how to install Android Q Beta 3 on Nokia 8.1

  12. Izas Ahamed Reply

    how to install google lens in default camera app?please help me

  13. Nishant kashyap Reply

    Make a video to install android q beta 3 on asus zenfone 5z

  14. Make a video to install Android Q Beta3 for Asus smartphone

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