Find More Codes On My Website – In this video tutorial we will see How to Install and Setup Genymotion for Android Studio.


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    I have already downloaded a Virtual device in my Android studio do I need to download it again in the genymotion?

  2. once you click genymotion, ….once you click genymotion, ……once you click genymotion

  3. Sushan Kannah Reply

    In Genymotion, without virtualbox download It stills says to install VirtualBox

  4. Iulian Borcean Reply

    tell me now it's good for some people go for others Not why it does not go to everyone Look at me is not going to send proof of the soft-generated report

  5. Iulian Borcean Reply

    to me there is no error at all any dreams I tried connecting I loaded from the lyrics But it does not open at any one is not good of nothing

  6. Bipul Kumar Sharma Reply

    those unable to find the free link :

  7. الصفحة الرسمية للفنان محمد علي Reply

    you try bes to speak english good

  8. Angelito Bosco Reply

    Thank very much for helping me. Because i have a Potato Laptop and it's to hard to run Android Studio Emulator. Sorry for my bat english✌👍


    i am trying to download Gennymotion. But it is not free now. It is available free only for 30 days. please tell me free Replacement to Gennymotion

  10. Pratik Shirke Reply

    genymotion is not working nowdays what should i do if i want a third party AVD

  11. rajesh chintha Reply

    Don't worry about you style of speaking, even in 1.25x speed you are horrible,,next you better speak fast,,,

  12. Thank you so much, I was so disappointed because I need to do a college project and I couldnt do anything with android emulator

  13. Avinash Adatala Reply

    nice video, it was very useful fro me to setup genymotion with android studio within minutes, nice work

  14. swasthik sathvik Reply

    i pressed right username and password. but it came network error.

  15. Jhon Hernandez Reply

    Red button doesn´t show…

    What can I do to start genymotion?

  16. Thippeswamy H U Reply

    Cannot we run the app without installing HAXM in android studio. Please let me know how to work without HAXM because my pc does not support Intel VTx

  17. Thippeswamy H U Reply

    Hi, I am not able to see that icon after installation. Please let me know what is the issue.

  18. Akshay Rasalkar Reply
    Ecommerc Android App

  19. bcs data computer science Reply

    sir i instail but genymation button not apper in the android studio

  20. Денис nikstorm Иванов Reply

    Oh shit!!! I don't understand how to setup software on Windows! I'm idiot and all-all of americans are idiots!

  21. Team Terminators Reply

    This is Very good emulator
    I Use It
    Idk It runs PUBG
    Lets do it

  22. Jayesh mehta Reply

    thanks alot u got thousands of blessing frm noob programmer frm another side of screen

  23. Jason Coleman Reply

    plus i dont think its very secure to use software from dudes working out of their garage !! get some tech support and workers !! i dont think they even hire non indians !! thatts a 100 percent guarantee

  24. Jason Coleman Reply

    Dont do business with them !! I refuse to !! if u cant respect my dollar then fuck u !! take ya ass back to india !!

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