How’s it going everyone? In this video I go over a simple tutorial on how to get to the android system recovery on any android smartphone and/or tablet.




  1. ladylove8907 Reply

    If I clear the cache partition will I loose my pics,or my important stuff

  2. Hassi Sulti Reply

    I have sony xperia z1 i turn off my device and press the buttons for recover but nothing happends i have sim lock pls answer

  3. Justin Gonzales Reply

    Please help… I unintentionally uninstalled some systems apps.. And now I can't download any apps on Play Store 🙁

  4. Midajaha Williams Reply

    everytime i click reboot system it takes me right back to system recovery.. the phone doesnt go back to its normal self.. please please help

  5. Robert Piamonte Reply

    My phone is saying ''Android system recovery <3e> C22J_MY28s_SIMLOCK_20160108_V1 . 09

  6. when is tap on settings the message is "Android system updating and patching now" brenda like thiouna for dans i cant go tout my settings samss4

  7. My android lollipop recovery is chinese languange,, how can i understand it? And theres a solution to change it? Help.

  8. samone jones Reply

    i have S5 and this updated erased my bookmarks. how can I get them back

  9. Paulo Alipustain Sawada Reply

    i was looking for on how to get out of recovery option when you are stuck in it

  10. Drobert12 12 Reply

    i have a phone its android but its kata i3s its on on system recovery mode i updated the phone and later it was on the system recovery mode i try to reboot it it keeps going back to the recovery mode please help me

  11. TheGirly Theorist Reply

    Hi I have a Verizon Ellipsis 8 and I installed a update but my tablet won't turn on I can go to android system recovery I've tried to wipe data/factory reset then reboot system but the screen just turns black but I've noticed when the screen turns black its on so I have to hold on the power button and the screen turns darker which means it's off I can't get out of android system recovery please help thanks

  12. if I accidentally disabled my Android system how do I enable it can anyone help

  13. Michael Radwanski Reply

    would this work on a droid turbo
    even if the ui has stopped working

  14. bryan melton Reply

    My wife's phone went into that screen by itself and we could not reboot it. Followed your tutorial and made the phone go into restore mode. Cleared cache, rebooted, done. Phone fixed. Thx.

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