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  1. Bosnia i Hercegovina Reply

    Help me any!

    When started I seen SMART TV LOGO and black screen when came words write next:

    E:failed to mount/cache(invalid argument)2X

    Suported API:3

    charge_status1, charged 1, status -2, capacity -21474836

    E:setup_install_mounts, expect /mnt/external_sd

    E:failed to mount/cache (invalid argument)

    E:failed to mount/cache

    E:failed to set up expected mounts for install: aborting

    E:failed to mount/cache(invalid argument)

    instalation aborted

    E:failed to mount/cache(invalid argument)3x

    E:can t mount/cache/recovery/log

    E:can t open/cache/recovery/log

    E:failed to mount/cache(invalid argument)

    E:can t mount/cache/recovery/last log

    E:can t open/cache/recovery/last log

    E:failed to mount/cache(invalid argument)

    E:can t mount /cache/recovery/last_install

    E:can t open/cache/recovery/last_install

    E:failed to mount/cache(invalid_argument)

    E:can t mount/cache/recovery/last_locale

  2. Rakesh Jogdand Reply

    Hi friend, can I get framework because my android box not working

  3. can you please input the link to download firmware? thanks

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