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How To Fix “Unfortunately the process android.process.media has stopped” Error On Android ?

Method 1:

Reset App Preferences

Step 1: Go To “Settings”.
Step 2: Tap on “Apps or Application Manager” .
Step 3: Tap on Top three dots .
Step 4: Tap on “Reset App Preferences” .
Step 5: Restart your phone .

Method 2:

Clear Data of :

Google Play Store
Google Play Services
Google Services Framework

Method 3:

Step 1: Turn Off Google Sync.

Step 2: Disable “Media Storage” ,and then Clear the Data of it.

Step 3: Disable “Download Manager”,and then Clear the Data of it .
Step 4: Turn Off Your Phone and Restart it .

Step 5:

i) Enable Google Sync
ii) Enable Media Storage
iii) Enable Download Manager

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  1. Anthony Iyiegbu Reply

    Last method seem to have worked as typing this comment I haven't got the annoying error message.

    Thank you.

  2. Ranjit Phukan Reply

    I saw the comments and had a hope with the 3rd method and eureka, my problem has been fixed….Thank you.

  3. Kolsum Begam Reply

    Thank you, guru. Seems to work! Let/s see if it sustains its stability. Many thanks once again.

  4. Dan Boudreau Reply

    Method 3 worked for me, thank you so much. Your presentation was complete and thorough.

  5. Zoran Sekulovski Reply

    method 3 worked for me. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  6. Rady Zidan Reply

    I've tried the third one and it's working 😉 😀 … Thanks bro

  7. dubudub경 Reply

    method 2 seemed to have worked for me but i will let you know in a couple of hours otherwise ill try method 3. thank you

  8. Daniel Swift Reply

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I found it to be very helpful. I did all three steps just to make sure that I covered everything. Thank you

  9. Glen Miranda Reply

    Thanks very much. the second method worked for me. Great Job.

  10. Emerald City Reply

    Thank you so much for this advice. I have had this problem for almost two years, took my Samsung and the technicians completely cleaned and reloaded my phone. The problem was still there. I followed your direction, method three has worked so far. I am beyond thrilled. Thank you so very much.

  11. Akhlaq Khan Reply

    Wow, Great I use this Method according you, and I successfully fix my mobile error, Thanks a Lot Sir, for sharing such a great method…

  12. method three worked perfect for me. thanks so very much.

  13. Satya r Das Reply

    Thank you so much brother.. Third method works on my Xperia… Thanks a lot… Thnx for your information.. 👏👏👍

  14. ANISH MATHAN Reply

    Super… thanks sir.. 💯 working to 3 methods at the one time and restart the mobile

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