video is about how to fix unfortunately the process has stopped-unfortunately the process has stopped-the …


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  1. Uncontained Chaos Reply

    so glad I'm getting a Samsung today or tomorrow bcuz my phone keeps doing that

  2. Stevie Wilson Reply

    thank you so much i was sick of that message thing😁

  3. L·ΥƧΣЯG Reply

    this is why android sucks and I'm using a Samsung btw

  4. I received this message after i download to browser but the file still in my phone and I cant find the file using my file explorer

  5. Shwetank Bhardwaj Reply

    thanks .. now google play store is not even opening

  6. Lesley Olivarez Reply

    mine is not working it keeps popping up every second and it doesn't let me go to settings

  7. AjBerry Vlogs Reply

    Thank you so much been having trouble with my android device and now it's fixed

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