In this video i will show you how to Fix Stuck On Start Screen Problem in Android Phone & Tablet
Click this link for more detail….


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  1. Arisonae Edouard Reply


  2. I forgot my password but it's not showing recovery setting 🙁

  3. King cruez Thamizha Reply

    bro… how to recover files after or before flashing the device bro… plz help … this problem has many of our memories broo

  4. Themba Mpongoma Reply

    i did robot it but still dont show any of those this its just say start

  5. rose of jade Reply

    Thank you smart person it help me now im smart ha ha ha ha ha

  6. Nika Space Reply

    not working and i lost my all files on phone
    you are teaching lie to people.

  7. Teerath Yadav Reply

    Bahanchod tu bhi english hi pel rha h kaha se h India ya इंग्लैंड


    Sir, my phone is completely formatted but stand by on screen showing powered by android @LYF phone so what to be done after factory reset, plz tell me.

  9. P. Fernandz Reply

    Please answer what is the root cause of this no data recovery error prompt in android device?

  10. P. Fernandz Reply

    Does wipe data factory reset will delete all my files, apps and personal settings save and store in the local device?

  11. P. Fernandz Reply

    Since it data factor reset does it will delete all my files save in device and all my apps, does it will start my phone from clean slate?

  12. Celia Gill Reply

    I can quite understand the steps when the Android (green robot) appears on the screen… Can someone type the next step please!!??


    Just worked for me on my Galaxy Note 3 phone. But you have to hold down all three buttons first on the note phone. You have to hold down the power button, down button and the middle button at the bottom of the phone. Be prepared to loose all your pictures and VIDEOS if you did not save them on your google back up or sim card! Ugghh

  14. ヘビSnakeTaku Reply

    I did the thing and it doesnt still work, its stuck on the android recovery thing the volume thing you do up and down

  15. ტიკი'ს არხი Reply

    but how can I do it without wiping and deleting everything?

  16. Depresso Expresso UwU Reply

    This happend to me once, tried it, worked.Happened again, tried it, didnt work.My phone is COMPLETLY stuck on the logo.Not even the menu to factory reset it isnt showing up.The phones trying to power up tho.Help me please TwT

  17. 2 - 0 - 5 - 0 Reply

    My brother got 12 pop-ups and an error box, then it turned off and it stopped working. It was an lg

  18. That was as hard as trying to understand optus call centre.


    it works.THANKS be to GOD in LORD JESUS CHRIST (THE WORD).

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