Found a way to fix has stopped error. Just follow the video and it should work! Like and subscribed of this helped also share. Might not …




  1. Diana Custodio Reply

    Amazing! I used it in my asus phone, it works 💛 thank you

  2. kelly kutzura Reply

    I am on an RCA 11Maven pro tablet, Android lollipop 5.0, it did not work AND my screen keeps refreshing as well. Both problems I had when I found your video. Damn on screen keyboard keeps popping up while I am typing this….. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I do NOT have a facebook app, we access FB on the browser.

  3. Sonny Arifin Reply

    after several days and hundred of tries i finally had this solution and this is the main problem.
    for your information, i do all the method procedure and got nothing.
    this is what i do before :
    – cleared contact
    – cleared contact storage
    – cleared storage cached data
    – reset app preferences
    – force stop, disabled, cleared data google+
    – force stop, disabled, cleared data chrome
    – force stop, disabled, cleared hangout
    and all of that is nothing.

    And thank you for your method, this is what i do :
    – uninstalling facebook app
    (still doesnt work)
    – uninstalling messenger app
    (still doesnt work)
    – uninstalling instagram app

    all the 3 app above that is FACEBOOK GROUP and i assumed is not compatible or have a bug with android OS that we use recently.
    my android OS is 4.4.2

    what a pain for a days and came with this solution.
    i believe this is the solution for those who cannot implement all the method in the video.
    should get a cup of espresso now and ciggar.

    good luck.

  4. The Mail Sukkur Reply

    You can trace which application is causing problem, by checking into permissions of [GooglePlay Services & Google Services Framework] if the permissions using any of the builtin app, disabling or not-updating that built-in app can also cause this type of error.

  5. Karriestin Y. Reply

    I will summarize everything for you to save time.
    This happened to me this morning. Everytime I tap at something. My phone freezes for 4 seconds, shows pop-up for 2 secs, repeats.
    Basically, The error with "" is caused by Contacting apps, socializing, etc.
    So before you disable Contacts, Contact Storage, or Google++,
    Know what socializing apps you have.
    I disabled and cleared data for contacts storage for nothing. The main problem was MESSENGER.
    So you need to delete
    Facebook and if that doesnt work, Messenger and so on.
    Try uninstalling one app, if that doesnt work, another one.
    Hoped I helped you Save your time!

  6. •Evren• Reply

    Thank you it was very annoyong and thanks to your uncomplicated methods did this work! Thank you

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