How to fix the problem when you get “No App Found To Open URL” on your Android device. The solution is Android version -dependent, so multiple approaches are shown for Android 9 (Pie) and Android 8 & below.

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  1. fareha facher Reply

    I just got this problem on my phone.
    If I do this what you have said will I lose all my pictures and videos??

  2. You didn't need the first part the second part resetting the app is all you needed to do

  3. UnderTale Fan Reply

    I got this problem on a Samsung device and i dont know how to fix it. Anyone know how?

  4. it didnt work. still can't open 3-4 apps ex. phone and contacts on new phone, the icons are dimmed with 'item not found'. any more ideas on how to get contacts and the phone to work on this new phone?

  5. Xian Mark Ambrocio Reply

    Thanks bro but mine its can't erase its say no app found URL
    When I clear

  6. Barb Barain Reply

    NO!!!, It says "no app found to open URL" because you disabled Google chrome, enable chrome and then it will work.

  7. TerrariaMaster 25 Reply

    Literally no matter what I do it doesn't work. Please help

  8. I don't know how this works for you guys, but I didn't work for me at all

  9. Hahahaha! My wife also came to me about this problem…thanks bro!

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