Latest Method To Certified Play Store: Note: You don’t need to convert the hex code into binary to register …




  1. anish gautam Reply

    a game was missing in the play store even when i tried to download fron chrome but when i registered and checked it…it was available in the store..thanks bro!helped a lot.

  2. Ñtobiso Mwelase Reply

    My phone is Huawei P smart and this method doesn't work whst else should I do

  3. Aurangzaib Ameer Reply

    Not registered my Samsung Galaxy s8 plus. What should I do. Plz tell me

  4. Cat who hate Vegetables Reply

    I can't even download anything from google play

  5. Manoj Kumar Reply

    When I installed TextNow and 2nd line apps, they require your device not certified?
    How can I run this apps and how I do certified device?

  6. Mukombe Saidi Reply

    My device allows to download apps on play store but it is not certified, what can I do please help me out.

  7. divya patawari Reply

    how will i download device id app. my google play store is not opening

  8. DH LInkers Reply

    I need help i followed your steps but still not working

  9. Manish kumar Reply

    BY MISTAKE mai laptop me uncertified link open krke mobile wala GSF code register kr diya..again kaise ye NEW GSF no milega .im in trouble

  10. abdikarim hirbo Reply

    Doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy s6 edge+
    Someone help please

  11. My device is samsung galaxy s9 SM-G960f/DS but not certified I just bought it online but i think my device is original not clone because i tried screentest *#0*# and i checked IMEI its legit but when i see it on playstore its not certified but i can download apps but only small like 100mb but when i try 1gb+ apps i get error 495 I tried your video but still its not certified pls help

  12. I can download apps from playstore but not big apps like pubg it says error 495 I can register my google account but my device is not certified whats wrong?

  13. Jake Sexton Reply

    Just wanted to let you know that when a device is uncertified from Google, you can't use play store or Google search to get this app. If I could use the play store I wouldn't need to get help. Google has f'd up all Android boxes. This is a dang shame. Anymore ways to get device ID on an Android TV box. Have invested a lot of money and now my box is junk unless I get it certified. Thanks

  14. Nightmare Gadgets Reply

    I have updated the video with step by step tutorial. Go watch this:

  15. Aman basnet Reply

    Finally got the registration ID. I subscribed you. THANKS

  16. Ayuba Baba William Reply

    I have registered my device, but my google play store is still showing unverified please what should i do?

  17. Johan Lmpa Reply

    I've done just like you said. But my device is still uncertified. Please can u help me. My device is Redmi 5. Manufactured in China

  18. Prajun D Trital Reply

    Really helpful video.I looked 1000 of video to solve this problem and finally I found the right one.Thanks a lot

  19. Nightmare Gadgets Reply

    Note: If you got the register ID after registering your "GSF ID" then it will be certified however your Play Store still might say it is uncertified but your device will be whitelisted for GApps and Services. And This is normal. Another way to be certified is, clear the cache and data of Google Play store. Settings->Apps->Google Play. Good Luck

  20. extream gunner hunter Reply

    Not working dude! I open play store setting cleared cache data uninstall update than doing same like you registered open play store again, same also

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