In this tutorial, we show you how to film professional, high-quality 4K videos with Android smartphones (you can also use any other smartphones like iPhone).


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    In my smartphone there are many dust particles flying in the video when flash is on and shooting in night. HELP

  2. Justino Bello Reply

    Swing and a miss on pronouncing oregano. 🤣🤦‍♂️

  3. Günther Tresor Reply

    what about using an iphone, which iphone do you recommend?

  4. KyloRen Kardashian Reply

    I'm trying to write & record my own movie. will you mentor me?

  5. Shahrul Hairy Channel Reply

    cross from Youtube suggestion. Thanks for sharing this! @

  6. Mark Nolastname Reply

    So, you only make muted videos with your phone? What about the audio setup?

  7. Nice Vid…I have this phone along with other smart phones…and this is my go-to phone when I want to take great photos and videos.

  8. Boatner Howell Reply

    Max, I've just ordered both Manfrotto BeFree tripod and the fluid head plus a smartphone mount. Thank you for your inspiring video… This is what I need, another hobby. Take care.

  9. The Griddle Guys Reply

    Looking for some help here. We use our phones to capture the video for our channel. The problem we have is with the audio. We are 3 guys speaking, and there is usually food sizzling nearby and getting good audio is near impossible. Someone's voice is too low, or the food drowns out the speaker etc.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a 3 or 4 mic, wireless system that works with cell phones? I think a lapel mic per guy would help a lot but I cannot seem to find anything specifically set up for this.


  10. terRyan Kim Reply

    Great video! Can this also be done on older models such as Note 4 or S7?

  11. 1banana2kiwis Reply

    Wow you recommend a starter tri pod and mount at over 300 bucks?

  12. My kom asked me what I was watching and I say:

    He is recording a phone recording a phone… With his camera…

    Her face was like 0_o

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