If you use Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Motion Graphics then you might also be using GIF files inside your presentation. GIFs can make your presentation more …




  1. let7fez 3noan Reply

    I did everything as it explained but after I am done it’s freezing as a picture

  2. I was very confused until I came across this tutorial. Great tip. Thank you very much.

  3. Valeria Cora Reply

    +The Teacher Hi, how do I save it as a GIF from Powerpoint, please?

  4. Pak Tech Dil Reply

    Great work sir i m really fan of u …i have also one channel plz promote my channel Pak Express

  5. Pudding Boom Reply

    Do you have more of those GIFs? like the style of them. Great video!

  6. Windows Love Reply

    Great Tutorial!!!! It is really helpful!!! Thanks a lot!!!! :-):D

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