In this video we will learn, how we can provide different layout files for portrait and landscape mode and for different screen sizes by creating separate layout …




  1. Hey man there's a mobile game called Dragon Ball Legends and people can play it on landscape while Android can't

  2. Костя Пак Reply

    In my case, once orientation switches from portrait (default) to landscape mode, the views are still poorly positioned. Do you I have to include layout-land to the file?

  3. punjabi with jasman Reply

    When ever i search a topic and your video appears in results im kind of relieved becuse you explain very vell ,dont waste time and come directly to the point,zoom in
    …..over all your videos are best ones

  4. I dont use Android Studio… and I coudn't see anything clearly… 😐

  5. Cowboy Pug On A Rocking Horse 1337 Reply

    This is great. Honestly, though, there isn't a good tutorial online demonstrating how to make a design look the same across different screen sizes. This is a perfect video for how to use landscape layout, yet, the video does not go deep into it. From what I am learning, there is a lot of math involved when scaling from 320dpsw to 360dpsw to 420dpsw and so on plus, creating new dimens.xml files for each layout file size. It is still somewhat confusing to me and there still is not a cohesive video online explaining the steps to get it to work. Hopefully, you read this Sir and make a video as you know how best to do. Thanks.

  6. Dumitru Cucu Reply

    please help, how to create an landscape for normal and big screen sizes layouts, because it will not work if you have multiple layouts for normal, large, and xlarge layout screen

  7. Dude, U are the best!!!!! Just what I needed!!! THANKS a Million!!!!!!

  8. Saad Ansari Reply

    my problem is that after I finish designing each layout for specific orientation (eg. main-land and etc) and right when I run in it the emulator and rotate the emulator it doesn't shows the layout specified for that orientation, it just rotates the portrait layout and ruins everything.

  9. Yurii-jjang Reply

    How about animation in different sizes and DPI ? the one on the left is set to 720×1280 320dpi while the other one in on 1080×1920 400DPI

  10. Sauber erklährt keine nervige stimme sehr angenehm dir zuzuhören und alles zu verstehen super danke für dieses video ich will mehr davon. Ich versuche grade eine App für verschiedene screen sizes zu erstellen vielleicht könntest du noch mal dazu ein video machen ?

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