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Simple instructions on how to connect an i8 keyboard (Keypad) to DroidBOX. Best Kodi VPN:
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If you are facing issues in connecting your i8 keyboard with your android box (DroidBox) this tutorial will show you how to connect rii8 keyboard to android box properly, this tutorial also helps you in how you can get the @ symbol on your rii8 keyboard. It also shows you how to use the trackpad on your rii8 keyboard. The USB dongle that a lot of people get confused as where it is in the packaging, well i show that in the video as well.

This is one one of the best keyboard for Droidbox (Android TV Box). The Rii8 Keyboard is a complete mini keyboard having all the keys that a normal computer keyboard has. You will be able to use the rii8 keyboard with ease with your android tv box after you follow the video tutorial. This rii8 video tutorial is one of the first videos on my channel that was shot a mobile phone. If you have any questions with regard to rii8 keyboard or how to connect rii8 keyboard. Feel free to comment on the video and i will try my best to help.

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  1. Streaming Nerds Reply

    Check Out Rii i8+ Keyboard Details Here:

  2. Ben Yakubov Reply

    My remote control is not working can i power up the box with keyboard controller?

  3. Andile Dlamini Reply

    Thank you for this Video. I had given up using my keyboard, thought I'd been sold a dud.

  4. Thank you it works as it should in the main menue but when I try to use it as a joystick ( as it really is ) it doesn’t work !
    I tried it with angry birds , Car race , etc only the mouse pad works but nothing else!
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  5. Sumanta Das Reply

    Mine paired.All worked except alphabet and numeric key.While pressing alphabet,yellow light blinks only.Nothing writes on tv.plz help.

  6. Wyatt Sexton Reply

    This video helped a ton!! I had my abox keyboard in a drawer until I saw your video thanks!

  7. is there a way to turn off the box using the Rii ? I broke my remote to the box and need to turn it off

  8. Eduard Raileanu Reply

    Streaming Nerds
    the button from my Keyboard don't work when I acces Smart TV,only the pad works.Only after removing the TV from the socket and restarting it the normal keyboard works.Maybe the problem is with TV not Keyboard?

  9. KIRKILLER38 Reply

    Mine disconnects after inactivity for a few minutes. Then i cant use unless i unplug and replug the dongle. Any ideas on how to reconnect without having to do this?

  10. Which are android games are compatible with this mouse? So we can play those games on Android box

  11. Cory Fernandez Reply

    I can’t get mine to pair to my fire stick… It’s plugged and connected to my fire stick and I had it paired , then I pressed fn and it started blinking but it also stoped connection. I turned my keyboard off to restart it and it’s still not controlling the fire stick. My mini keyboard don’t have a blue tooth button on it.

  12. Robert Barbour Reply

    Can u help with this question please I've knocked the settings of somehow when I try to type the @ symbol this " comes up instead any help welcomed

  13. Robert Botham Reply

    I have the keyboard on my tv and don’t know how to close it down

  14. The remote is great but doesnt work with Google play games. Not sure why not if its for gaming

  15. Gokuhan Groome Reply

    My direction buttons were working fine now they only move the mouse not the page. It makes using kodi a pain any advice how to reverse

  16. I’m tryna work this with my android box but after inserting the dongle it won’t pair

  17. Daniel Davidson Reply

    Hey I'm i accidentally hit the f1 button when trying to turn the light on. Now my key pad doesn't work. Any suggestions

  18. Can anyone help I have 1 of these keyboards plus the required cable and I cant for the life of me get it to work on my fire stick. I have tested it on my laptop and even got it to work on a tablet. But when i try to pair on my fire stick nothing. Can anyone please help me get the thing working?

  19. I've tried all the answers mine is still blinking orange I dont get it

  20. Cardine Laboy Reply

    Mines has a yellow light flashing and it won't work. This happened before and it started working on it's own. No luck this time. Any advice?

  21. jsoul Light worker Reply

    On some models you have to press and hold fn+f1 till the blue light start blinking then insert dongle

  22. Bentoto Litoto Reply

    Thanks Man, i thought I will get mad with this device, just couldn't find it.

  23. please,can do you help me to connect it with my samsung galaxy note 3?
    P.S. i have mini keyboard backlit.

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