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  1. omkar poul Reply

    but sir,in my device don't switch on start button when i do all process

  2. ahsan syed Reply

    i don't have any download Device previously how can i add new Device in GenyMotion ?

  3. JackGoodGamer Reply

    How are you doing this beautifull text?

    Thank's for video! 🙂

  4. Reem Tabach Reply

    hi dude the vid is awsome but i have a problem. when i click run it wont connect/find genymotion. how to fix that?

  5. Dushi Kumar Reply

    My genymotion is not visible in studio while i run .
    i checked in genyshell that genymotion is working but not visiblw whilw i run so pls hepl me.

  6. faisal ansari Reply

    Hi , After giving genymotion path and then clicking again to add device . It says Genymotion: Initialize Engine: failed moment ago .. Please HELP!!

  7. Juliana Araque Reply

    Hey I love your shirt 💛💛💙❤️ my country!

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