Learn to build an Ecommerce app using Kotlin in Android Studio. Use RecyclerView, Picasso, and ConstraintLayout. Connect with me on LinkedIn!




  1. sa2r elfirgany Reply

    if u can make another advanced one it will be really great , we need to practice more and more . thanks a lot

  2. sa2r elfirgany Reply

    if u can make another advanced one it will be really great , we need to practice more and more . thanks a lot

  3. Alaeddin Nouh Reply

    Hello and thank you very much for your tutorials which helping us so much to get started with this long and interesting courses

    Please we would like that you make a project about building a hotel application on Android studio , Just to know how about new experience and get the ground basic to real world applications like all your great projects .

    Thank you very much for helping us 🙂

  4. Mereke Kuanysh Reply

    hard to understand still…. maybe am I not suited for this?

  5. fardhan mauladi Reply

    hello im from Indonesia, my photo is not show bcs my sdk 28 version and picasso is 2.7, can you help? thank you

  6. Jihad Kouzi Reply

    I have an error. At 23:40 when you are pasting the link implementation 'com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.71828' now from the same website it is implementation 'com.squareup.picasso:picasso:(insert latest version)'. So if i use the 2.71828 an error would occur v7:28.0.0 is underlined in build.gradle(Module: app). And if I use the second link nothing would be underlind but sync would fail. I know its an error because of the version but I don't know how to fix it. Can you help PLEASE

  7. Henry Fakhoury Reply

    I did the exact same steps. When I run the app the emulator opens but every time I enter the app it says "AppName has stopped". In the Building field, everything is normal but in the logcat there are a lot of red statements that no one can understand. Any help please?!

  8. Mary Muthoni Marete Reply

    Thanks Daniel, I have now completed the 13 parts of this Ecommerce, wondering if new parts of this are coming up soon. They have been helpful. Thanks a lot.

  9. Justin Flint Reply

    What if I want each picture to be different from one another? Is that way too difficult? If not can you explain how I would do that please?
    Thanks for an awesome video!!

  10. First 13 mins helped me mentally zone in, get used to your voice and how you work with the interface, speed etc…excellent Thank you Daniel. All good for Part 1 😉

  11. Kansas Fashion Reply

    Hi, I have a question. Why mine doesn't connect with the URL even I do the uses-permission for Internet

  12. jasbinder singh Reply

    Unwatchable – spent first 13 minutes watching u make one mistake after the other.

  13. Asutosh Panda Reply

    good video. btw which city is that in your desktop background?

  14. I want a e-commerce app and admin painal in php contact me whatsapp no+917903130549

  15. T'Cheznavia Cherry Reply

    ​Hey Daniel, My photoURL only works for the website you provided, however when I put other websites it will not show an image. My images already in the drawable folder can I show my image that way? If so how?

  16. Emmanuel Pregnolato Reply

    Great Job.

    Quick note: In the class ProductAdapter > ViewHolder, there is no need to use the findViewById function.

    Just use itemView.photo etc !

  17. touseefbsb the coder Reply

    Please make a complete app from scratch using kotlin and all main features of android jetpack. would really appreciate that 🙂

  18. Sir Daniel, good day. I'm stuck at 18:51 . I followed your tutorial, however, the app just close with no errors. The output didn't even appeared. Commenting out the adapter at MainActivity.kt makes the app work so the problem must be on the Products adapter. But can this be a version issue? I changed my sdk to 27 since 28 has bugs. What version are you using here? Thanks!

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