In this video I explore Riga, the capital of Latvia and show how much things cost. NEED GEAR FOR YOUR TRAVELS? Visit Gabriel’s Amazon e-store for ideas: …




  1. Gabriel Traveler Reply

    The hostel I showed in the video is the Treehouse Hostel. I recommend reserving it online using this website: Or you can use that site to search for other hotels, apartments, hostels, etc.

  2. Rimas Meleshyus Reply

    Great video so cool, many thanks . Warm greetings from the garden island of Kauai. Sailing alone around the world one of the most greatest adventure in America history. Welcome on my Facebook page.

  3. I live in Cali. dinner in mcdonalds is 11 dollars. wtf. and that's fastfood. if I eat in a restaurant, that'd be 26+

  4. Tree Garden Life Reply

    Those eggs look great. This was the best breakfast I've ever seen. How much was it?

  5. Travel Simple Reply

    In summer Latvia more beautiful as you can see in my video :))

  6. Super Saiyan 3 Reply

    just seems if your visiting the nordic/baltic countries dont even bother going outside of summer. unless you like the cold.

  7. Just to be clear, the guy at the start was singing in russian not latvian, which is a dishonour to our country. Latvians are not happy at all about russians taking over the country and forcing their language on us.
    …. But all love, great video.

  8. Ethan Russell Reply

    The guy at the beginning was singing Spokoynaya Noch' by Viktor Tsoi (Виктор Цой – Спокойная Чочь).

  9. riga is amazing if you do not live there and get average of 500 eur per month

  10. Debating on driving there from palanga in the summer . Worth it ? I go to Lithuania every two years to visit wife’s family so I’m familiar with Lithuania unsure about Latvia

  11. Great channel. I like the way you whisper while eating breakfast. Very respectful and cool. I look forward to visiting Latvia.

  12. Johan Fagerström Reply

    When he said 1.20€ for chips i decided i want to visit this place.
    When i pay 3€ for chips here in sweden i feel that i have got cheap chips😂

    And riga seems to be a beautiful place

  13. TruthExposed Reply

    The waitress in the beginning is really cute.

    I noticed in most of Europe the food is 99% non vegetarian in 95% of the restaurants. Not really vegan/flexitarian friendly.

  14. Thierry company Reply

    we must be very careful in Riga we almost stole all our money and our computers with a friend, the girl made him run a bath and during this time she was preparing everything for her team to steal computers and money from us, there are a lot of mafia gangs in this city, at night vampires get up and everyone knows you are quickly spotted, I knew people who were robbed in bars 2000 euros, there is a second card with very high prices, so be very careful at night especially in the old town

  15. I have traveled Riga, Latvia 2 years ago summer. Stayed old town a week. Great place!!

  16. Jesse Jimenez Reply

    I spit out my drink when I saw tacos. I've had Mexican food in France, but I didn't think I could find it in Riga. Interesting.

  17. Upenda Sana Reply

    Beautiful architecture…just loving these videos Gabe….so inspiring.

  18. Chasecar Daddy Reply

    when you film in Europe, change NTSC to PAL, so you will not have flickering in video, and then edit it also as PAL, youtube will convert and compress it anyway @gabrieltraveler

  19. Gabriel I enjoy your videos but my one request is when you pan your camera slow it down a wee bit. Keep on Keeping on!

  20. Interesting video,thanks I enjoyed I My aunt on my mothers side married a Latvian,he was a marvelous carpenter,and as I recall a nice mild mannered man,who was devoted to his family. I will finally realise a long held wish to holiday there next year,in spring.

  21. Laila Linux Reply

    hardly any people left in Latvia. about half of population live abroad. hopefully Latvia will become as multicultural and populated as any other europian country. its time to mix and create a new happy world of all nations living side by side

  22. A Swede Speaks Reply

    I spent over three months in Riga earlier this year. I miss Riga.

  23. Thierry company Reply

    Riga is nice during the day if you visit monuments but at night a lot of criminals in disco, bars you can lose much money and take care about some girls many are scam…

  24. Going to Latvia for ~6 months for an internship, anyone got a few tips to look for a stay for 5 people?

  25. Marco van de Voort Reply

    Another suggestion. When I was in Riga, about ten years ago, during the Christmas – New Year period, I was pleasantly surprised by the local mulled wine. Decent wine, lots of spices and not too sweetened, and available in most places in the old town. I'm normally a beer guy, but I was easily swayed.

  26. why order juice rather than tea or coffee and then why pancakes if you have bread ,typical American ,it is not new art architecture,it is older than that

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