This Remote Control TV App for the Hisense 55U7A ULED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is pretty amazing. It comes with some great features along with the usual …




  1. TechFigure Reply

    Hi guy's if you found this video useful please subscribe for more great videos!

  2. SimpleGamingShow TV Reply

    My remote app doenst recognize hisense tv its all conected.I dont get it this app remote control for hisense

  3. Nigel Mutepfa Reply

    Is it possible to use my phone to type while using my tv browser with this app

  4. itsjust_juliar Reply

    you should do ASMR videos.. your voice is so relaxing

  5. Black Widow Reply

    OMG! After downloading a lot of remote apps for my Hisense Smart TV, finally this one worked! I love it! Thank you so much!

  6. Muzi Tshabalala Reply

    Does it App work on Android 10? Since upgrading to android 10 the app does not detect my TV any more.

  7. Sinimil Resident Reply

    Hi, i have 55N6600 it’s smart but not Andorid. And my phone doesnt see the tv, and when i go to the setings and turn on “Anyview Stream” i cant “Save” the setting. Does this app work for 6series at all?

  8. Gepi Hoffauze Reply

    The Android version of RemoteNOW works on my Hisense 32R4 although this model is not in the list.
    Very impressive ! The photos slide swiftly from smart phone to smart tv ; channels, volume, apps : everything works ! Except for your final feature : in standby the app displays the name of the Smart TV and shows a "Waiting" message when trying to connect ; as soon as I power on the set with the Remote, it picks it.

    What is awkward is to use the 'mouse pad' ; especially for responding to options. For instance, to answer the question 'PVR or Reminder?', you need to change screen in order to go back to the 'mouse pad' and accurately hit the center. Most of the time the question has already disappeared! There must be a better way than the pseudo 'mouse pad'??!..

    Anyview won't work for me but if I don't open it and use 'Cast to device' in Win10, it picks up the Smart TV on the Wifi network and plays the file (mp4, ts, etc..) straight away and without extra permission on the big screen!

    I would have liked to have the User Manual in the TV but the PDF won't display within the Browser and there's no HTML version on the Web Page. Too bad…

    I had the 24" Hisense for a few days in the kitchen and its remote had a button which, for me, made all the difference: 'Record'!

    Unfortunately, this is absent in both the remote for the 32" Hisense and RemoteNOW. Instead, there is this ridiculously complicated system of PVR…

    I'm waiting for the app or the firmware that will allow recording with a simple selection of a show or the pressing of a button !..

  9. RED DRAGON Reply

    Very good app. I have installed on Huawei smartphone. Works great with Hisense 4K tv. 👍👍👍

  10. Josh Saunders Reply

    Does NOT automatically pair with television. Followed all instructions and all the app would do is say it could not locate tv and that the tv would have to be in a certain mode. Which i obviously couldnt do because I had no remote!

  11. stokegolfer Reply

    The iPhone version of this app doesn't work for me, but videos is great.

  12. Blair Holder Reply

    Grrr it's not connected to the internet yet how do I do that?

  13. Alan Ojeda Reply

    I really enjoy the video with your voice, it's so relax

  14. Marianne Hislop Reply

    The iPhone version doesn't work. Can't find my TV. A lot of problems reported on the App Store but I thought I may be the lucky one. But, no, alas, not to be.

  15. Luqman Hakim Ismael Reply

    hi can this remote use for Hisense 55U7A? i cant find the model in the list of supported model of the apps.

  16. Jody Botha Reply

    Hi. Same problem here, phone and tv on same network, app can't find tv… 🙁

  17. Random Stuff Reply

    Thank you very much for sharing this app, I have the app on my phone already and it doesn’t connect to my TV. My TV and my phone are both connected on the same WIFI but I can’t find the TV on the app. Do you know what might be the problem?

  18. Great work thinking of getting this TV in January so saving your vids as best I have found on this TV… All the best

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