Review of the HiMedia Q10 Pro Android TV Box, Powered by HiSilicon Hi3798C V200 SoC. • Company Web: • For More Chinese …




  1. alejandro iriarte Reply

    Se podrá enviar un vídeo de YouTube al himedia como en el Chromecast no sé cómo hacerlo?

  2. kevin chew Reply

    Halo ! Fren how to play bdmv and iso video files , I now confuse how to use it ? Kindly reply me ! Tq

  3. David Brown Reply

    Very good box I have one. They also have a update for the os android 7.1.

  4. Hüseyin Yılmaz Reply

    Hello, good review. I can't decide whether I should get this one, or a Zidoo X9S. The most important thing for me is that it should be able to play 3D Iso files with the menu and with no problems. It should also give me a good Netflix experience. And the internal HDD bay on Himedia is a plus for me. Which one of these two TV boxes would you prefer for me?

  5. What about 3d bluray ISO files over the network with full menus ? x

  6. Alano Morito Reply

    i have a 4k hdr tv
    does the Device play 4k hdr mkv without any problems?

  7. Daily epicgames Reply

    will it corrupt the internal HDD if i unplug the power cable directly? Can i also move apps and cache to internal hdd?

  8. Daily epicgames Reply

    Thinking of buying from this site www.iandroidtvbox.xom
    It's very much cheaper from other sites.

  9. Daily epicgames Reply

    we can also add some other launchers like nova etc etc? i didn't like the UI. I alreadybhave m8s+ but thinking of buyin this one because HDD

  10. so for 4k playback which is why people are buying this, its terrible ha. are you using a 4k tv with 2.0a hdmi ?

  11. Pete Scoffield Reply

    How's it $167.99 from geekbuying Spanish warehouse?

  12. Thanks for this informative video … I think I will be getting one 🙂

  13. Martin Arnaud Reply

    trust me this is a great box. i have one. i had it for 2 months and it works great. very happy with the box

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