HIMEDIA Q10 PRO Android TV Box Review
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CPU: Hi3798C Quad-core CPU
GPU: Mali 720
16GB Internal Storage
Dual Band Wifi 2.4 / 5 GHz B,G,N and AC
Bluetooth v4.0
HDMI 2.0a which is x2 speed than 1.4
Android version 5.1
Supports Ultra HD 4K videos @ 60fps
Supports HDR10
Supports Dolby Audio and DTS-HD
Supports a SATA HDD upto 6TB


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  1. Chigz Tech Reviews Reply

    Hey people, I have this coupon to share with you: GET 10% OFF the Q10: GBCNA

  2. alejandro iriarte Reply

    Se puede mandar un vídeo de YouTube de mi celular a himedia como en el Chromecast?

  3. can anyone here confirm that does it supports SUBTITLES DELAY like we used to have in WD TV Live Hub ?

  4. Achilles Economou Reply

    Great review ! May I ask what is the difference between 8-core and 4-core cpu in regards to picture quality ? Thanks

  5. Michael Gibs Reply

    If we plug a Bluray drive on the USB port for example , does it plays original Bluray 3D ?

  6. Can you kindly create a video on how to update the firmware for the latest version of Android os without losing anything that I currently have stored on my internal memory…?

  7. been using old himedia boxes for some years… Does it one play mkv video files? Thanks!

  8. John E McDonald Reply

    its 130.00 over here in Canada. very sweet box…i wish it would get Dolby Vision.


    Rip off overpriced. Rather buy Nvidia Shield the best in the world for couple of quid more or same price as this crap.

  10. Aaron Dalton Reply

    After listening to your review thanks I have this box for about a week now it is the best $ 320 from amazon it is the best can watch amazon and netflix all the apps when you get the box you will have to configure

  11. Congrats on your video! Very good! I would need your help if possible! I bought the Himedia Q10 Pro, but the image is not good, Image dark and without a good definition, could I recommend a video setup and how would I do a calibration in the video settings so I improve the picture to watch movies in the pro Q10? And where would I make these settings? Thank you

  12. Robert Townsley Reply

    What support is this for MKV files. Can it support multiple language files on MKV

  13. Steven Corbo Reply

    Box that size I thought it was going to have a dual tuner in it

  14. Виктор Наконечный Reply

    Someone compared to DUNE HD SOLO 4K? who is better?

  15. Hi Chigs
    Could you please help me to select a good media player? Currently, Im using a Popcorn Hour A400 which hangs when it plays ISO file also not supports 4K and Bluray menu.
    Here is my short list:
    – EGREAT A10/11
    – Dune HD Solo 4k
    – Zappiti One 4K HDR
    – Popcorn Hour A500

    Please note I mainly use Media Player to watch Movies, Concert, HD Audio (FLAC, APE, SACD, DSD etc).
    I watch movies through Blu ray image, ISO, MKV file ((per movie size 25-70GB) stored in my portable drives, connected via USB port. Video to 4k TV via HDMI and Audio to Yamaha AVR via Optical cable.
    1080p, 4K video with Blu ray Menu, 4K 60 fps, HDR (HDR10, Dolby Vision, Atmos and DTS-X pass through to AVR support are critical.

  16. Hüseyin Yılmaz Reply

    Hello, love your reviews. I can't decide whether I should get this one, or a Zidoo X9S. The most important thing for me is that it should be able to play 3D Iso files with the menu and with no problems. It should also give me a good Netflix experience. And the internal HDD bay on Himedia is a plus for me. Which one of these two TV boxes would you prefer for me?

  17. Muhammad Ali Reply

    hey kindly let me know that 4k on youtube doesn't work on these android boxes???

  18. Hi Chingz, great review man. Over here on the other side of the pond, (Ontario Canada), the Q10's gonna run me about $250 cdn.
    How would you stack it against the mygica atv1900 pro?
    One more question mate…. where's the link to that sweet keyboard you were using? Who makes it ?….me wants !!! 🙂
    Thanks again for the review. Btw, I liked n subscribed 😉

  19. Hector sanchez Reply

    Got it from Ebay for only $170.00 (tax included) and free shipping!

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