All of the action from the FA Cup Fifth Round as City travelled to North London to face fellow Premier League side, Tottenham Hotspur. ▻ TWITTER: …




  1. Im a neutral, however krul is off his line for all the penalties is this not allowed?

  2. Michael Hany Reply

    i hope you stay in the epl you play attacking football and you are still building your team cantwell and buendia are promising

  3. melendita melendita Reply

    Vieron la botella alli tenia apuntado to-do jjj q Ingenio so..

  4. daniel oliveira Reply

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  5. Dutch Linde Reply

    What kind of penalty shoot that was? A 6 year old even can shoot better than the last one.

  6. Absolutely love the Norwich win, don't get me wrong, but why is Krul allowed to step forward off his line every time? VAR and linesman both sleeping?

  7. Loved the way the Norwich players ran to their supporters to celebrate the win .OTBC.


  8. RayDreamChaser Reply

    Tim Krul, always step up in crucial games. Norwich, you made a wise choice to sign him. What a keeper!

  9. Am I the only one who found this commentator really obnoxious? Just starts yelling in a really annoying tone.

  10. Anyone realise how krul feints his dive to one side but dives to another direction

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