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  1. fang. Clarke c Reply

    This is why I'm always against VAR. The team with the money is either cheating like in this case or would not even go to VAR, where they blatantly dismiss for the poorer club's or countries as in the WC.This is no conspiracy. Its truth. GET RID OF VAR ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!

  2. Arifin Siregar Reply

    Bruno will lost his motivation too like Pogba/De Gea if this club keep puting him with mediocre like Lingard etc…. keep Pogba or atleast if he leave, get another wordclass not another talent that sacrificing team for his growing

  3. DJAS Adventure group Reply

    If Bruno was not yet there they would have lost the match

  4. Dante Moscatiello Reply

    De Gea got away with one there on that 2nd goal, why would he just keep standing there after he sees the ball being deflected off of his defender? He should've made at least some movement towards the ball, and he's just looking at Sigurdsson as if he's gonna keep his feet stretched to save it.. of course he's not gonna be saving it for you David, he's your frickin opposition, he's lucky that the people deciding the VAR decision had no brain

  5. Prabin Budhathoki Reply

    Even it is draw but soljaskar is rebuilding man utd

  6. How corrupt is this game Man Utd cheats as usual. Passive offside ain’t offside.

  7. Rso Andrew Reply

    The present MU is still at a level before Eric Cantona coming in the team. The team need a star in the field not in coaching seats

  8. Oh Oh Oh Fernandes
    He’s Portuguese He’ll score goals
    He’s Magic
    The Best Midfielder Since Paul Scholes

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