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  1. Владислав Дзуцев Reply

    Красивые колхозницы у вас.

  2. i hope the bro dozer trucks go away soon put some real trucks in there 🤦‍♂️ bad ass song but at the same time the glitter chigger trucks half ruined it

  3. Austin Wedin Reply

    Like how the guy is standing in front of his GMC badge at 4:18.. lol

  4. Samuel J Roberts Reply

    Wtf no no no what is happening to the lacs 🤢 just think they actually use to be good … 🗑

  5. Where the f did hard Target come from? Haven't seen him sense 2011

  6. Great marketing tool. Deceit beats and lyrics but, whats got me coming back is that amazing ass! Wow, i am hypnotiz by the way she looks in those daisy Duke's and the way she moves! 6 million views for that sexy ass. Thumbs up for that ass! Who is this gorgeous creature i wonder? But, anyways great song! Btw love country grils, they're the hottest🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😍

  7. Austin Ellenburg Reply

    Only watched this from them purti gals.

    Didn't like them trucks.
    Song is pretty good tho.

  8. Everyone needs to hear this, my summer song for when I go ridee⚡️🤪

  9. NoSafePlaceforYou Reply

    As a lifetime Chevy owner minus a brief hiatus owning 2 83 Ford Broncos this is a great music video w/some decent eye candy to go w/the bowties

  10. Keith Anderson 025 Reply

    Anybody with a truck boner is jerking off before it started

  11. It don't bake times down there I like the boys yeah don't buy time down there

  12. Lostann Lonely Reply

    Wanna ride, Quit ur ass kissing !!! LMAO SNUGGLE
    It's Time !!!

  13. Aaron Rodgers Reply

    This is quite possibly the saddest excuse for music I've ever seen

  14. jimmie johnsonfan4life Reply

    Hate chevys to death only chevy i would own is a 67 camaro and a 57 pick-up

  15. Hansty Hansen Reply

    Great song love it 11:11 hila and moose Kayla check it #bigbird420

  16. KeyPressingMonkey Reply

    Do yourself a favor and switch on subtitles for this beauty, the algorythm just gave up after realizing it can't get a single word right.

  17. Yeah, the girls are hot, very hot, love the cut off ladies, … but Chevy's still SUCK!!

    Make this song about a real truck, like a Ford or Dodge. Chevy's will always SUCK!!!

    If it doent have a Ram or an oval, it isn't worth walking across the street for! LOLOL

  18. God King Wrath Reply

    Not sure if I'm watching a music video or another crappy chevy commercial

  19. Bobby Stevens Reply

    Upchurch would make this video 100% 😱 better. And that woman that they have trying to twerk needs to go back to school Lmfao

  20. christian tolbert Reply

    this video is so freacking amazing i play it at school and i have the teacher jamming out with me

  21. was going around watching cringe country rap vids and so far this is the best one i have seen

  22. josh wesley Reply

    so many people hate on chevrolet, i bought the 2019 1500 LT 4X4 , customized it of course, tires and so forth, i'm here to tell you it's a damn fine truck. I LOVE my chevrolet.

  23. I hear y'all good work keep it up respect H town Tx…🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁💯💯💯💸💸💵💪💀💀💀🤑🕸🕸🕷

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