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  1. Giannis Katalagarianakis Reply

    I have an issue. When i google something on chrome, then i can't click any of the results with the remote control on mouse mode. Any solutions?

  2. Mike Bouliane Reply

    For those of you who just have a settings app but do not have a droid settings app look on the remote that came with the box and see if there is a setup button. It works basically the same as the droid app.

  3. Kazuo Ohashi Reply

    Thank you!!! You save my life!!! I was about to downgrade my H96 because I couldn't found the screen resolution settings

  4. Hello my friend brilliant video as always I am the same box as you I know how to set the launcher off but I have a problem with resizing pictures as soon as I select the picture in my library and you it it is perfect as soon as I add it to the launcher it is way too big could you please help with this matter if you have the answer I might buy you a pint lol lol

  5. cyril preddy Reply

    Dude looking at you going into settings and you don't have an infor bar popping up. I have 2 boxes and an infor bar only pops up on this type of box. Is there a way to get rid of it. It's doing my nut in. Sony TV I have. Cheers

  6. rick simmons Reply

    Chigz I have this box , however when I use the remote for the box it changes the settings on my t.v. … What can I do to fix that..cheers

  7. Thank you mate, i've been trying for ages to change the screen position, bless your soul

  8. Square Lemon Reply

    Thanks a lot..u are the best….just subscribed ur channel..love from malaysia

  9. Arief Aprianto Akbar Reply

    Very helpful guide.. Thank you.. However, I am still facing another weird behavior.. Video streaming from Chrome is lagging.. It's not because of the internet speed as speedtest shows 60 mbps constantly.. Also I didnt face this issue using my old-lower-spec Xiaomi tvbox.. Any advice ?

  10. San Isidro Dental Reply

    how can I cast netflix from my phone to my h96? i got one and i can not do it…

  11. Thank you very much!
    Can you change the resolution to 4K to run every app in 4K?

  12. julio gallardo Reply

    estimado. como puedo cambiar las aplicaciones del menu o como puedo agregar aplicaciones nuevas y sacar las por defecto. sacar kody y agregar por ejemplo facebook

  13. Gary Millar Reply

    Thanks, helpful video. I have an issue scrolling with some Apk's, for example 'Reditt', where my pointer will not scroll down. Some movie Apk's also have this issue. Most work fine, just annoying that some don't (while they work fine on my phone). Can you please help? Cheers 🍻

  14. Đình Ngọc Trương Reply

    can u help me how to turn on the navigation bar on the screen? thanks

  15. looking for days how to change screen size
    thank you done great job

  16. Andy Gemperline Reply

    Hey How do I Change launcher on the H96 Max, all the Launchers on Google play store just keep resetting and not working t all?? Please help! Thanks

  17. Freekzilla87 Reply

    I uninstalled netflix on my device, however the shortcut is still there on the home screen, anyone know how to remove it? TIA.

  18. Berenice Rodriguez Reply

    Hi, I have a TV box of this android 7, but I want to know how to rotate the screen 180 degrees?

  19. Awesome thanks.Can you recommend a mouse/controller that works well with the h96 pro?

  20. jaymondo2006 Reply

    Came across your video as I’m having the same problem. The thing is I don’t have “droid settings”. Is there an APK I can download? Or does anyone know any other way to access display scale?

  21. Well, nice one but is there an option to change and config the icons ? E.a Netflix ->Amazon Prime

  22. Just a warning – when you click on "more settings" at the bottom of this display settings – you will get the full Nougat Settings page and it will stay like that permanently. The display settings here is not for TV
    Whenever you click on Display Settings again – you will always come to this page – meaning you will never see the settings to change Rez , scale the screen or HDMI settings
    If anyone know how to get old setting back without factory reset – please post here – thanx

  23. William Mjema Reply

    Thank you so much. I have had s in adjusting the display settings to fit my tv.

  24. Rajesh Kumar Reply

    Can we play modern combat 5 using gamesir G4S in h96 pro plus. Got stuck in please press a key to continue? Please let me know

  25. Thank you for your video which help me fix this scaling issue. Do you know how to fix the Nova launcher crash problem on its android 7.1 nougat. it keep crashing when I start the app.

  26. which is better overall in terms of price, performance, etc? H96 Max or Pro+?

  27. Gregory Rechner Reply

    What box would you get that ranks right below the nvidia shield. Can’t spend 200 bucks

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