H96 Pro Plus Firmware Upgrade From Android 6.0 To Android 7.1

If you want to upgrade your H96 Pro+ Firmware I have created this easy to follow step by step guide on how to update your H96 Pro+ Firmware to Android 7.1 Nougat. It does not matter what brand of H96 Pro+ Android TV Box you are using it will work the same on all TV Boxes. I will list what you will need below.

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Download the Burn Card Maker software this can be got from the link below.

Step 2. Download the Firmware image from the same link below.

Step 3. Use 7Zip to Unzip the firmware into a folder. Bow use 7Zip to Unzip Burn Card Maker software in the Firmware image folder.

Step 4. Insert the Micro SD card into your computer.

Step 5. Open the folder for Burn Card Maker program, and run it.

Step 6. The program starts in Chinese, which will need to be switched to English by selecting the Chinese writing in the top left corner of the program and select the second option, now put checkmark in the English version box. Click OK and then exit the program and then restart it again to get it in an English version of Burn Card Maker.

Step 7. Put a checkmark in the 4 boxes and choose your Micro SD disk.
Step 8. Now click Open and navigate to the firmware folder and select the image file. Now just click the Make button to start to write to the Micro SD.

Step 9. Once complete close the program and remove the micro SD card from the computer.

Step 10. Connect the TV box to your TV using the HDMI cable and insert your Micro SD card into the SD card slot
Important: Do not plug in the power cord in the TV Box at this time.

Step 11. Use a paper clip or pin to press and hold the reset button in on the TV Box. While pressing the reset button, plug in the power cord into the TV box and wait until you see the upgrading tv box screen. Now you can release the reset button and the upgrade process will start to upgrade your firmware.

Get files from my forum here

You have just flashed your firmware to the latest version of Android.




  1. G.T. Cherer Reply

    All went well, and i thank you very much. Only glitch was my using a 64gb sd card, apparently. Got to Recovery mode but would not upgrade. Switched to a 16gb card, FAT32 vs exFAT, and baddabing baddaboom, good to go. The card only used 1.62gb so you could get by with a 2-4gb card in all liklihood. Thanx again!

  2. Antonino Rizzo Reply

    Thank you for this video, it was very helpful and informative. You made it very simple to understand step by step.
    A question: it's possible a upgrade at last firmware Android 9 or 10? Thanks again!

    Ti ringrazio per questo video, era molto utile ed informativo! Lo hai reso semplice da capire passaggio dopo passaggio.
    Una domanda: è possibile un aggiornamento all'ultimo firmware Android 9 oppure 10? Grazie di nuovo!

  3. Виктор Стурберг Reply

    Где скачать нормальную прошивку для ТВ бокса H96pro

  4. Nikola Zivankic Reply

    Hello, I will need your technical support.  My daughter has something unintentionally printed on the remote and since then I have no sound.  On the left side of the screen is a sign for speakers.  I tried everything, including reset, settings, but I can not do it.  

    Ask for the help!


    (H96 pro+  4k ultra HD TV box)

  5. suhel uddin Reply

    Well, followed these instructions & it resulted in a bricked H96 pro+, so be wary of upgrading. I wish I'd not bothered & just stuck to Android 6.0. Thanx Britec09 for helping me ruin my H96 pro+

  6. mcdonald John Reply

    Thanks Britec09 for the good video. I had my H96 pro + upgraded to Android 7.1, now I am just curious to know if I can upgrade to the Android 8.1? Your response is much appreciated.

  7. My H96 is partially bricked after installing Superuser. I can't even boot to bootloader. Do you know where and how to install the OEM firmware, bootloader, etc.?

    Also, is it necessary to use USB? Using standard microSD doesn't do anything.

  8. Trevor ghostfrt Reply

    i tried this and it bricked my android tv box, thanks a lot cunt

  9. Conville Smith Reply

    hi there i get an error message L(1005)aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT,and bootloader,PARTITION all in pkg. What should I do

  10. Hi thanks for video followed instruction got the android robot saying updating then it vanished then nothing happened for 30 mins still got blue light but nothing else so tried again and get nothing please advise to what the issue could be. Regards Ian

  11. Adeeba Hasan Reply

    I've the same model h96 pro plus which I bought recently, but due to some error it got stuck in the boot loop. Continously got the MBOX logo. I tried factory reset through recovery but that doesn't make any difference, just to ask you that if I overwrite this rom on my device does it work. I've a doubt coz it is showing the version 01/06/2018. Wich is latest and Android 7.1.2. Plz help me getting out of it.

  12. Naushad Ebrahim Reply

    Hi there
    need help !! I followed the process in the video all looked good the android logo appeared then the device just did not display at all its as if the device does not bootup.. can you please advise

  13. I've updated with this firmware but for some reason when I turn the power on with the remote (after it has been fully shut down) I get a blank screen…i have to always have it on leave it on sleep mode…is there a way to fix this?

  14. Yilmaz Qoser Reply

    My box worked really well but when I update the box it's completely worthless. And I did just the way you do that's thanks to you I have a box that does not work

  15. Cawnolicious Reply

    I download everything but the firmware is not working on my H96 pro plus. Please can somebody help.

  16. Dariusz Kaszuba Reply

    My box did not get up after the update, it turned off before the update.

  17. Hi sir. I have nexbox A3 media box!! It will work, the upgrade for it!? Regards

  18. monkeyinadress1 Reply

    All was going well, then the box shut off and wont reboot ! LIghts come on but nobody's home ! Any suggestions ??

  19. George Zerv Reply

    Hello dear. Please in a few days i will have the H96 Pro Plus Amlogic S912 Octa-Core 3GB DDR3 RAM 16GB ROM and i want to upgrade it to 7.1.2. It is problem because its 16gb model or its the same with 32gb and go ahead to download the latest firmware that you have in the links at your site ?? Thank you. George Z. Greece

  20. killeriders Reply

    I have a a95x with s912 amlogic, do you think it will be work ?

  21. stupotmcdermote Reply

    firmware is corrupt does not work stay well clear of this prick

  22. Hi after following all of the instructions the little green robot came and said upgrading good so far 3/4 of the way got a red x on Mr robot and now have a dead box . I used a 16gb fat 32 micro sd. Any idea what happen?

  23. Shyam Hosein Reply

    Question, Can i use a USB flash drive instead of a micro SD card?

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