GTA Online Servers Are OFFLINE Due To GTA 5 Being FREE On Epic Games Store – 2020 DLC Info & MORE!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – GTA Online servers are OFFLINE likely due to GTA 5 being available for FREE on the Epic Games Store and MORE…


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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻


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  1. GTA Online Servers Are OFFLINE Due To GTA 5 Being FREE On Epic Games Store – 2020 DLC Info & MORE!

  2. Same again today on PS4 get it fuckin sorted Rockstar. Becoming a piss take now

  3. johnixdragon Reply

    I cant buy a shark card now, the loading screen takes forever, that could be for the same reason?

  4. Imagine they made the game cross platform and thats why its down rn

  5. Galax LordCZ Reply

    I recomend using a site called down detector as you yourself can report servercrashes

  6. John cedric Dela cruz Reply

    Can someone help me, when i try tp join gta 5 online an alert keeps popping up saying that "timed out loading player data. Please return to gta 5 and try again later" what do i do or how do i fix it

  7. its so annoying, me and my friend were attempting to do the casino heist, but once we exit the vault we get kicked, then when we replay it, it doesnt load when we enter the casino for like the 3 more attempts. then we finally load in on the 4th attempt, we get kicked before we enter the vault

  8. Andrew Ramos Reply

    Wait what’s the epic games store ? Tf is that ? Only on pc ? Or

  9. Semir Kadric Reply


  10. Hushedpuppet209 9 Reply

    Fam y make a 12min video when this could have been a 5min one. Not every video has to be 10min long

  11. Sxcool sage Reply

    I get that Rockstar is offline right now but why did he put money in that thumbnail

  12. Sean Wright Reply

    Xbox one gta5 not work not open online story mode so sad probably need new gta5 not work

  13. Oliver Smith Reply

    Just stop clickbaiting, some of your videos are great but we don’t know sh** about gta6 and u just keep going on about fake stuff.

  14. Lennert Bouman Reply

    They should give the yaght a remake and give it missions like underwater deals or fights. Makes the underwater world a bit more useful since the only thing it is being used for is to be drowned or by bored people who dive with their car or sub.

    Also, they could make use of locations such as the power plant in the east of LS, the mountains in the north-east of LS and the harbor in south-LS.

    You could have some inspiration for those locations regarding themes for new DLCs. For example something with electricity or underwater stuff wich the yaght would be some kind of main base for, like the CEO is for the warehouses. (I know its rlly lategame but its something people will grind for as long as you make it worth it)

    I hope some1 can read this and have some inspiration, though i fear not.

    Plz like my comment if you think you can agree with me!

  15. JBPP Norman Reply

    If the new dlc is cops n crooks I’m never playing gta again.

  16. ProModelling Reply

    I am downloading GTA V from Epic Games and this game is 90 GB 🙁

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