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When Gmail app notification does not work on andoid then:

1. Tap on “Settings”.
2. Select “Notifications’.
3. Scroll down and look for “Gmail’.
4. Make sure that the toggle button is activated

Now the next thing what you do is:
1. Open “Gmail” app.
2. Tap on menu icon.
3. Select “Settings’.
4. Select the gmail account which you are using.
5. Make sure that the “notification” box is checked.
6. Select “Inbox notifications”.
7. Select the checkbox next to “Notify for every message”.

Now the last thing what we will do is;
1. Open “Settings”.
2. Select “Apps”.
3. Scroll down and Select “Gmail”.
4. Select “Battery”.
5. Select “Optimise battery usage”.
6. Select “All apps” from the drop down menu.
7. Scroll down and select “Gmail” which will switch off the toggle button.

Now Gmail notification should work.

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