hello guys and welcome back to a new android tutorial, in this first part we will create and design the tablayout with icons next video we will create and add the …




  1. Toms Menst Reply

    Wow bro. Thanks you so much! This was really helpful for me but i have a problem: How can i make icons bigger? When i change its height and width into their xml files, i can´t see changes into the tabs. Please help me guys 🙁

  2. seyid takele Reply

    thank you , it was very helfull , i google a lot but i never atisfied till i watched this ,it could be my pleasure if you could get the list from web server … FYI i get similar using activity but failed in fragment.

  3. Reshan Faraz Reply

    here is the git hub link for the application with little modification like using Cursor to fetch real contact list https://github.com/reshan9b11/Assignment2_PhD19006.git

  4. Can you show me how can i update this to androidx, i can not find the reference.

  5. Now .. fragment Manger inside the Adaptor how Execute the instruction>>> fragmentManager .beginTransaction().replace(R.id.cardExpand, mFragment).commit();

  6. Facility Locator Reply

    Sir, every time I populate the tab fragment of data from firebase, it won't show up unless I slide up to the last tab fragment and then go back to that fragment I want to be populated. For example, I want to populate tab 1. It doesn't show up at first but when I slide to tabs 2 and 3, then I go back to tab 1, the data is now there. I hope you can answer this 🙁

  7. kampete tintin Reply

    Hi i am proud for your démo. But i want to explain me how to open a cardview on fragment with tablayout. I want identify each cardview by findviewbyid but it ils not possible

  8. You are my lifesaver and for hundreds of us thank you very much for such videos …. if we meet i am gonna give you a treat for this help

  9. Luiz Guilherme da Silva Pereira Reply

    idk why but my icons crash my app, when i delete them it works, some tips?

  10. Christian De Silva Reply

    I have four buttons and i want each button to display different items in recycler view. Will I be using onclicklistener on the button?

  11. นครินทร์ ภักดี Reply

    Hi i have error adapter.AddFragment(new FragmentCall(),""); How can I contact you from any channel?

  12. luke ngirubiu Reply

    Nice one.Simple but with all the necessary information.

  13. S.RAMESH CSE Reply

    Information:Gradle tasks [:app:assembleDebug]

    Error:Execution failed for task ':app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac'.

    > Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details.

    Error:(23, 29) error: incompatible types: fragmentfav cannot be converted to Fragment

    Error:(22, 29) error: incompatible types: fragmentcontact cannot be converted to Fragment

    Error:(21, 27) error: incompatible types: fragmentcall cannot be converted to Fragment

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