Let’s talk Foregrips! Since their introduction to the game, players have been asking which is better, an Angled Foregrip or a Vertical Foregrip? In this video I …




  1. Midhunraj R Reply

    In short: vertical is good for long range because the gun will go up less than usual. Angles foregrip is good for short range because it reduces horizontal spread.

    In very short, if you can control vertical recoil like the pros, an angles foregrip is better.

  2. Vertical on almost every scenario. It can fit the Vector, which is my personal death machine.

  3. Why not just use both of them at the same time, i mean, after all, foreg3ips dont take up much space as you said.

  4. Gerardo Hormazábal Reply

    9 minutos de video tonto conchetumare, hacela corta y responde la weá. Gringo culiao aweonao

  5. голубая луна Reply

    одним словом, что лучше?


  7. Sharman Divekar Reply

    My favourite combination

    M416 + Tack Stock, Extended QuickDraw Mag,
    Angled ForeGrip and suppressor, Red Dot/ 2x/ 4

    Kar98K + Bullet Loops, Suppressor and 8x

  8. Eriola Allmetaj Reply

    Now after the 7.5.0 update the angled foregrip's text box just says "faster to return to aiming"
    What does that mean exactly?
    It's not faster scope opening time right? Because if it is a faster scope opening time, wouldn't it say that, like the thumbgrip's text box.

  9. Tanduay Lapad 5yrs Reply

    Soooo, which ones good for bursting using auto AR?
    Mid to long range. Pls reply. Thnx

  10. Still…vertical foregrip was better than the angled one because it provides both vertical and horizontal reduction(practically).

  11. Thanks bro I was spending so much time thinking witch one is better

  12. Madara Uchiha Reply

    Awesome Explanation, make a video on the Upcoming Grips

  13. proxley wirdvo Reply

    Angle will be my wife on late game but first vertical is need first ma boy!!!

  14. EliteGaming Reply

    Vertical foregrip is better than angled for a m416.I have played 50 games with angled and with vertical but I realized that the vertical is best for ranged and close range because it makes the ar more stable.While the angled is close range only because it sucks when Ranged on far distances.

  15. Alan Flores Reply

    My set up is akm with red dot suppressor and exd-quickdraw. Any bolt action sniper with suppressor, ammo bag (if no ammo bag then tac stock)

  16. Socrates 33 Reply

    The angled grip is only relevant when hip firing then ADS'ing while you're still spraying.. 99% of people who make these videos don't realize this and try to compare the angled grip while not firing. So when you see an enemy and start hip spraying into ADS while still spraying.. it will be much quicker, so long as you are using an angled grip. As opposed to a vertical grip, which will have no quicker ADS effect. Test it.

  17. Socrates 33 Reply

    What is "HARizontal"? Please start pronouncing this word properly..

  18. Kaiser Malaya Reply

    Anyone know what is compensator for? I only know flash hider and suppressor for now.

  19. Jefferson AJT Reply

    I think:
    M416 Angled grip
    Scar-L Angled grip
    SKS Vert grip
    Ump9 Vert grip
    Aug A3 Vert grip(because low horizontal recoil)
    Other than that is vert Foregrip

  20. Vertical foregrip for long range, angled foregrip for short range.
    You're welcome.

  21. KRAZE GAMING Reply

    isnt compensator and angle and verticle foregrip for other AR?

  22. Tormented Ice cube Reply

    Am i the only one rocking the scar and kar98 combo?

  23. Y'all heard that PUBGM TiMi is getting an english beta? search the post I know I saw it

  24. Shreyans SVCROX Reply

    Hello did u check my names for Ur fans on Ur giveaway vid plzlzlz reply Ur big fan u r the best Mann so much dedication

  25. Still Stoned Reply

    Write a comment to everyone and pin it for us all to see. I like to see some input from you after the finished product. Please.


    Hay Derek make a video about which weapon have fastest fire rate.

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