Goal frenzy for Leipzig – 5-0 gala against Schalke ▻ Sub now: RB Leipzig turned up the pressure on Bayern when they …




  1. Moses John . Pedro Reply

    At the end somehow Bayern would still find a way to be crowned champions Bundesliga sucks! 😤

  2. Bdhacker101 Reply

    At this point there's no debate that Timo Werner is one of the best finishers in world football

  3. Yep….the commentator is absolutely right!….. RB Leipzig really give a strong statement to Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich through this match…..Leipzig is really a strong contender this season for Bundesliga title… I promiss you that!….. 😎😎😎🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😱😱😱😱😍🇧🇩

  4. Paul Sunday Reply

    Schalke's problem is that they don't build. They don't play well for consecutive seasons, don't keep players, don't spend on quality players, no ambitions. Just see Leipzig & their consistency for 3 seasons now. You can see that they have ambitions, that's a club going somewhere. I'm sorry for Schalke

  5. I’m not here for the goals, I’m here to watch real fans stand behind the players.

  6. Ernest Onwona Reply

    How Schalke gonna loose a match like that? What's wrong with them?

  7. Rhys Carter Reply

    The Schalke supporters at the end. I can't see Arsenal fans doing that. BLUD!!!

  8. bad performance from Schalke player, give Leipzig create chance and score goals

  9. nkunku had a good game but he only got 4 assists because the players he passed to were able to score bangers. it’s not like he perfectly set up all 4.

  10. 百一Lyrical Reply

    Werner would be a good fit at LFC, can't wait to see this man tear the PL apart next season🔥

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  12. Man I would've loved Nagelsmann at BvB but he's building something incredible at Leipzig and you just gotta respect that

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