View the VIDEO of the wings in motion click here: View my completed HAWKMAN costume This video …




  1. smol peaches Reply

    dude uwere in washington n i missed it i wish i could of seen

  2. It's been three years and I still come back so I can get the looks right, I'm teaching myself how to make wings!
    Wish me luck 😅

  3. Could things flash faster? Who was this video made for? Gave up at 0.33

  4. The "winged angels" of the bible were spaceships. Primitive peoples didn't know what else to call them. Has absolutely nothing to do with bird wings or feathers. Our imagination is responsible for creating tall blond blue eyed angels with very white powerful and expansive bird-like wings.
    Read the Book of Enoch.

  5. Candice Jawahir Reply

    This was so intriguing I don't know if it's just me but the body amor looks very real in detailing and would've created a way better illusion if it were spray painted in the colour of the person's skin tone loved this tho😊❤

  6. I'd like to see him flying, he could jump from the top of a moutain to see if it really make him fly, just as a little experince.

  7. Nonnof Yobiznes Reply

    What was the original song you had in this vid? Too bad you had to remove it. Thanks.

  8. Kurt mcKelvey Reply

    These are the Gayest looking guys I have ever seen !!! No muscle tone what so ever !!! Just Sad !!!! 😕👻

  9. Kelly-Charmaine Marie Flanagan Reply

    If only we could grow gorgeous wings like these. Unfortunately, according to biologists, we would need a second 'bum' above the first. It would take that large of a muscle group.
    Damn! Talk about ruining some truly great dreams. But,(pun not really intended) I'm a woman, so as nice as men's assets can be fun to look at, the important packages are up front. Brain and Jewels. In that order.
    …On the other hand, I've always dreamed of being able to physically fly. Guess I may have to wait until I reincarnate as a bird, or gain the ability to change my shape, and or hold gravity at bay. That would be much more comfortable in the end.

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