Whether Aang is fighting Zuko or escaping an ice slumber, when Aang’s arrow starts to glow you know something epic is about to happen. From the first episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender to his cameos in Legend of Korra, here is every time we see Aang go into the Avatar State!

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Welcome to the Avatar: The Last Airbender channel–– the ultimate home for all things Avatar! Here you will find the best uncut battles from the series, deep dives into the expansive lore of the world, and the most memorable moments from all of your favorite characters from Aang to Zuko. On top of that, there will be plenty of Legend of Korra, graphic novel features, and even more exciting original content! You don’t need a sky bison to swing on by to the Avatar: The Last Airbender channel every Monday, Friday, and Saturday for new videos!

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  1. kinda Dbest Reply

    Let's be honest, the only time we enjoyed legend of korra was when aang made a cameo

  2. DevilKing YT Reply

    Just finish the whole series in 1 day, kinda wanna re-watch it again for some reason….

  3. •Yestoday DOMINATES• Reply

    The difference between Aang and Korra is that every Avatar State Aang entered was special and fueld by some kind of emotion where as Korra did ir so often it felt like a Mario cart power up rather than an ultimate reconnection to Avatar Powers

  4. Divya Pabba Reply

    nickelodeon then:
    Avatar the last airbender, spongebob
    nekelodeon now:
    bUnK'd rUGrAtS

  5. SkilledSnake Reply

    8:01 why did toph look over with Sokka during the desert scene? last i checked, thats not the most useful motion she couldve made saying that her dont quite work

  6. ImaEagleBruh Reply

    Is it just me or did y’all get chills when he went into the avatar state

  7. Claire Isabella Reply

    i always got chills whenever the avatars all spoke at once

  8. I remember cryin throughout these episodes 💯🤷🏿‍♂️

  9. u forgot season 1 episode 2 when aang makes a waterbending tornado

  10. I never understood if the Roku scene was the avatar state or if it was Aang
    Because it was the avatar state, did Aang really become the avatar?

  11. MrGrinch421 Reply

    You missed the first episode when he got captured by zuko and fell off the ship

  12. 7:06
    If their was ever to be a more righteous moment for aang to go into the avatar state it would be this moment

  13. Astrxnxmicaal_YT Reply

    Why is the first episode named 101? I was born to late to see this ;(

  14. Sunny Nwabeke Reply

    I feel sorry for Aang when Azula struck him with lightning😭😭😭😿.

  15. 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4 Reply

    Wait…doesn't he activate the avatar form when he gets dunked in the ocean on the firebenders ship in like…the 1st or second episode?

  16. Wow I don't know why I never realised this but Aang has been in the Avatar State for 100 years!

  17. Why in The Legend Of Korra there is two Avatar, Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra

  18. Ashley Hall Reply

    It's a really deep moment when Katara pulls him out of it in the desert. Everyone else is running away because they're scared of his power and wrath, but Katara does the opposite. She knows he's deeply hurt and that he's still human, even as the avatar. He just needs someone to show him love and let him be sad about Appa. A perfect display of empathy. I nearly cry every single time I see that scene because it's so powerful.

  19. Tyler Smith Reply

    Everyone is gangster until the giant blue fish starts slicing and dicing

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