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Getting Started with the Android NDK

Getting started with the NDK is much easier now more than ever, allowing Android Developers to leverage the C++ language to write high performance, cross platform code.

We will deep dive into what the NDK contains, The Java Native interface (JNI), ABI’s, great use cases of the NDK (Tensor-flow & Cocos2d-x) works and much more!

Content and programming organized by Ty Smith, GDE/GDG & Mobile Tech Lead Manager at Uber & Joaquim Verges, GDG & Android Tech Lead at Twitch.

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  1. Ken Garrett Reply

    The reason that the app wasn't compiling is because of the pointer indirection of JNIEnv. In jni.h, JNIEnv is defined as:

    typedef const struct JNINativeInterface* JNIEnv

    It is a pointer to a virtual table. To get to the function pointers, you need to dereference the env variable so it should be (*env)->JNIFunctionPointer instead of env->JNIFunctionPointer.

  2. BartholomewJS Reply

    "This is the same exact code but written a little differently."

  3. Syed Zakriya Reply

    Wow. A lot is changed. I remember writing Makefiles and compiling the C files and the copying the Shared Object files to the JNI folder…

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