A compilation of the best pro “do or die” clutches that actually saved the game. Here is a compilation of the best ones that I found, where pro teams won in overtime after these clutches saved and extended the game. Which one is your favorite one? Did I miss your favorite play? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you will like the video. #doordie #best #plays #clutches #game #saving

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  1. Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel Reply

    It's honestly insane that some of these rounds were just 0.008 seconds away from loss, but were still won in the end..
    I hope you like it. Enjoy.

  2. Никита Ширяев Reply

    There is no moment , when rain took round 1v4 vs virtus pro, and won next map 16:0 🙁

  3. Alex De Hond Reply

    Wait in the first clip of Nip where xizt gets a couple a frags on A against Sk it's round 20. Was overtime different back then?

  4. Fallen and boltz 2v4 to send to double overtime against vp on the final map of epicenter 2017

  5. Murat Bajrović Reply

    Is it really simples fault,i mean yea he failed,but can hes team do anything without him…?

  6. Tsyren Tumunbayarov Reply

    Dont be too cocky should be the moto for simple since that game 😀

  7. 8:48 Look how stressed out the poor fishes are by the bomb, but when they realise that Taz will manage to save them they become calm again 😍

  8. at this point, simple can do what he likes. he's carried navi for so long and has given them rounds and matches that would not have been if he wasn't on their team.

  9. ahmad kalash Reply

    I think a video about best comebacks in csgo history would be great

  10. Very Amazing, just reminded me how wild the live crowd was, and lot ppl didnt notice how keyroled plays were played, cuz many of them focused on the next live score and quickly forgetting the previous round clutches.

    These many folks became known legends up to date oooh yeah corny brrr

  11. 15:54 Jugi peaked 0.009 seconds too early… And why CZ? Sure, he had low HP, but the AWP is just so much more reliable on that range…

  12. Geometry - Coreybirdo Reply

    For all the people saying that the caster said friberg saved it not Xizt at 14:32, it’s because friberg was the one who threw the smoke on the site before dying a second later which allowed Xizt to defuse without the enemies shooting him.

  13. Not really s1mples fail, but it could be end. But his team fucked up 2v1 nitro 17 hp

  14. KenobiZocker Reply

    Honorable Mention: CLG losing a 3v0 cuz the only player without a kit is defusing. The Red Reserve Players even already left lol

  15. Serhat KAÇER Reply

    Mr snipe can you do any compilation video about common spots from maps that some plays were made such as banana on inferno long on dust2 etc it can be educational too

  16. 13:55 Shroud 1v6 No Scope collateral – Pasha Caster school.

    Fine then

  17. 14:33 why he is saying friberg ninja defuse he was Xizt or something was wrong with the stream?

  18. 14:32 Xizt clutches
    Xizt: am I a joke to you

  19. Sees title

    Welp, I already know we're about to see the s1mple knife fail

  20. Who’s here after valde pulled off that sick do or die clutch against syman

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