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  1. Edlyn Villanueva Reply

    Thank you for this. It helped me a lot making my daughter's angel wings..

  2. Naomi Bronk-Navas Reply

    Hey everyone watching! To create the texture of the wings,you don’t need to use fabric you can use toilet paper 🧻 …. crazy but it worked believe me!

    Like so this can be seen by everyone

  3. ฯ{Eclipse WildWolf}ฯ Reply

    I have all the stuff but….thats alot of paper towels

  4. Hi, Where did you get the foam? I want to make wings for my 12yo daughter but rapidly running out of time…

  5. maymay channel Reply

    Thanks for your video it helps me do a wings costume for my niece…. And I love it.

  6. Fibro Disney Canadian Girl Reply

    Beautiful Angel Wings I’m going to make mine own ! Just Subscribed!

  7. Marlee McQuinn Reply

    I don’t really like the design but your personality is pretty

  8. El xavi tv Reply

    Buenas tardes super chevere las alitas orita las estoy haciendo, pero a lo q une los 2 cartones q es lo q pone en medio una tela o q ..??


    Amei. Muito criativa é o melhor com baixo custo.

  10. Deborath capó dasilva Reply

    Hola puede ser con tela tipo seda pero la brillosa q es Parecida ala seda pero de baja calidad

  11. Luana Machado Reply

    Ufa achei algo pra fazer vou fazer agora.tava ficando preocupada

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