These dinner rolls are very very fluffy, soft and chewy.If you follow the recipe you will not be disappointed. This is a recipe for dinner rolls or some may call milk bun or milk bread.

Red velvet cake

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  1. Why after too much time the dough is sticky, no matter how much time i knead. Please let me know. I am getting crazy with that dough.

  2. taranoid420 Reply

    Don't have milk powder! Can I just use fresh milk? Will it replace the water in the recipe too since they're both liquid?

  3. Haifa Musleh Reply

    the amount of oil in the recipe and the amount you put isn't the same. When i made it, the dough was too sticky.

  4. Precious Aleya Ducusin Reply

    Hi i just started baking and i sont know pretty much yet. What will be the difference if i use all purpose flour instead of breadflour? thanks

  5. ginna delinois Reply

    Im tired why the measurement don t go by cups tell me how many cup of everything or spoons

  6. I followed the ingredients but my dough became very sticky. I had to add 3 tbsp of flour so I can knead it

  7. Janet Foreman Reply

    Followed the recipe, the rolls came out really nice and soft. Thank you for the recipe.

  8. IsekaiSempai Reply

    2 cups should be 500g not 250g i misread your recipe and made a pancake batter instead I really don’t like the sticky part of making this dough and the butter wasn’t included when I made one due to lockdown and I don’t have a butter anywhere in my home.

  9. dharsymaldita 1588 Reply

    Wow sarap nyan penge naman po padala s bahay salamat stay safe my dear friend

  10. Nova Wartunes Reply

    I made these today. They worked out really well, so soft and delishes. So easy to follow. Yummo 👍🍞🥖

  11. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I would like to know if can i replace the butter for Olive oil and use less sugar and I would love to do the double how i calculate the ingredients?? Thanks so much!!!!!👏💖

  12. SelfMadeBum Reply

    I made these for the first time today and they were sensational. <3

  13. TheBadboylost Reply

    Thanks a lot I followed your recipe and made my first dinner rolls.

    Easy and simple to follow. Super Recipe.

  14. Gavindi Bulathsinghala Reply

    Hi Im from Sri Lanka and I tried this recipe twice during the lockdown. It came out really good and soft, everyone loved it. Thankyou soo much ❤️

  15. Sarena Young Reply

    They really did just squish it down in the beginning.
    I am now agitated.
    whY would you do that?
    I mean I get they are squishy and rebound but no. Just no.

  16. Maricel Feratero Reply

    I make this today but why not fluppy so disappointed but the taste so good i want soft and fluffy how I use all purpose flour please help

  17. Fulvia A Burke Reply

    Muy delicioso…la suavidad es impresionante …. gracias 😉

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