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  1. Barry Chloe Reply

    BRUUUH! Maaan I can't 👍 this video enough! Thank you so much for layin' it out plain for a brotha.

    The way you took your time and showed us EXACTLY what to do and how to do it is impeccable. Once again your skills have shined. Again, thank you. 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍✊

  2. Fanown Ruff Reply

    Wow, I’m so glad I found your channel. Brand new subscriber 😎

  3. Mauricio Magaña Reply

    I have a insignia TV Fire stick edition. Is there a launcher where you can add a folder for the inputs? I have an Xbox one, a Chromecast and a Blu-ray connected to the TV.

  4. Denny Hiett Reply

    Just bought another t95Q android box . Followed your video using tv launcher to customize home screen . I used simple control navigation bar on my first box but I'm having problems setting it up on my new t95Q box. I can't get past the window on simple control that says need accessibility. I have went to settings and tapped on the accessibility. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Steven Corbo Reply

    Does anybody know if this run smoother than the way Android TV runs on your television?

  6. Anthony Reyes Reply

    How do I keep this as my main launcher when I start up my TV ?

  7. hi i 've got this launcher now thanks.could you tell me how i can get playstore on it

  8. No good, when I press home, it goes to default home, not launcher home.

  9. If you install this on a fire stick how do you set it as the deaf alit launcher?

  10. Will this work on a 2015 Sony KDL-50W800C. It's a really good TV but its home screen isn't idea for my needs

  11. RUDY MINOR Reply

    I have Nvidia shield how you get the arrow on the screen to pick the wallpapers

  12. Any way to make it default on stick. Hijack doesnt work anymore

  13. Was sad that you cant do the stock. But who cares this launcher looks super clean AF. Great vid.

  14. Hakeem Shabazz Reply


  15. Hakeem Shabazz Reply

    Doap! Would have loved to see this set up using the firestick!!! Of course, Shield is 👑

  16. When I try to set wallpaper on my android 7.1 box, " has stopped"

  17. Timothy Wagner Reply

    Well, appearantly, they have done something so you cant change the launcher. damnit.

  18. Just finished installing. Now my NFL team is my Android TV box home screen image!

  19. I can't get it to be home launcher and please don't say hit home button bc no box comes up just home screen..

  20. TheKingOfGames Reply

    I have a question, how do I put my firestick 4K to sleep while using this launcher? Btw I’m using launcher hijack that allows you to keep the launcher as your default launcher without it going back to the amazon launcher

  21. Bob Kramer Reply

    Can you tell me why this launcher doesn't load at startup? I can click on the icon and it loads fine, but when I click the home button it goes back to the Amazon launcher. I'm using a Fire TV 4K, the box, not the stick. Others with Fire TV said they had no problems … it possible I have an update from Amazon not allowing me to change the launcher? Any help would be appreciated.

  22. Bob Kramer Reply

    I have installed TV Launcher 3 and it's on my fire tv, but not as the default launcher. I also added on booth and hi jack. I have had the same issue with Hal and Leanback. Can someone please tell me how to make the new launcher work on startup.

  23. Denny Hiett Reply

    Have you been able to put this wallpaper on fire tv box thanks

  24. Denny Hiett Reply

    I put tv launcher on my Samsung galaxy tablet. Do you know how to switch between the tv launcher and home screen [default home screen] thanks

  25. Denny Hiett Reply

    I was able to get the wallpaper on my t95Q box but not on my fire tv boxes 2nd generation and 1st generation. Any suggestions

  26. Africa's King Reply

    How do i get it to stay on fire devices? It always resets. Thank you

  27. Mando Minguela Reply

    I'm excited, I just purchased the nvidia shield, trying to set it up but I need a USB card, I don't know kind or size. Can you help me.

  28. fcolon1976 Reply

    If after installing this launcher you hit the home button and if it goes back to your default home screen, you have to download and install "LAUNCHER HIGH JACK"

  29. fcolon1976 Reply

    Great video as always. Every time I hit the home button on my firestick 4k, it always goes back to Amazon home default, how can I fix this? How can I keep the launcher to stay at Tvlaucher 3 and not have to keep going into the Tvlaucher 3?? Thanks

  30. Mycol Bartlett Reply

    Thank YOU sir! Just installed on my new T95Q. Sharing this tutorial baby!

  31. Virginia Phillips Reply

    I would like toknow why I can't get Cartoon HD to play on my firestick. It says the app was installed but when I go to play it–it kicks me back to the home screen. Can you help? Thanks so much!

  32. Harry Valcarcel Reply

    Hi.. Can i get one day access to the glitch TV? .. I want to join and few of my friends too.. If u can.. Thank you

  33. Richard Sinasone Reply

    Thanks for this itrust! I love the way my layout looks now! All of your videos are very informative and easy to follow, keep it up buddy! 👍👊

  34. Eric Payne Reply

    As always Thanks for the tips just one thing happened to me when I save the wallpaper and set the wallpaper it looks very big in the background like its enlarged do you know of anyway to reduce it I'm using a a android box thanks any info would be great

  35. Corey Gibbs Reply

    How do you make this default when you click the home button?!?

  36. Crystal Haywood Reply

    Lovin it!! Thanks rock!! 👍❤️❤️

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