Custom ListView With Image And Text In Android using Picasso Library This is tutorial instructions custom ListView with image and text using Picasso library in …




  1. Otori Shingen Reply

    Hi great tutorial – thx
    The URL is off i guess – postman says NO

  2. Rishabh Raj Reply

    I have a problem, when I scroll up the listview images go disappear, can u help me??

  3. Guys, it is giving error libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile . Can anyone help me on this . I dont understand this error. How do I fix this?

  4. American Citizen Reply

    Too much piano music. It is distracting and adds nothing to the tutorial.

  5. manoj kumar Reply

    How can i write json code to connect database with json

  6. Chetan Mustoor Reply

    Picasso RAR file can't be downloaded it's showing error of 404

  7. Adi Thenes Reply

    Why after i add Picasso.with(context).load(product.getImage()).into(imageView); Picasso prefix become error red text? instead added import com.squareup.picasso.Picasso;

  8. Ashok Zala Reply

    can you share this code please emailid :

  9. Plug !t !n SusTheSurfer Reply

    Remove the word "products" from your json data. Then what will be changes in your code

  10. Claudio Ramalho Reply

    how to create set onClicklistener for any list item? and open new activity?

  11. mettursun Alimjan Reply

    You did a awesome job bro. This is exactly what I want. Thank you so much!

  12. 별자리TV Reply

    After I insert picasso into my program,it says Error:(22) No resource identifier found for attribute 'layout_marginTOP' in package 'android'.what's the problem?

  13. Meriem Narjiss Reply

    please , i want you
    to help me ,i import your project but it's not worked 'and i dindnt know whats the problem

  14. sarim iftikhar Reply

    please send url code(php file) my json response is different

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