In this video you will learn about how to integrate the camera in your android activity app. We will be displaying the custom camera api using surface view in …




  1. E-Learning For You Reply

    caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void android.view.ViewGroup.addView(android.view.View)' on a null object reference

    at com.example.newproject.Cameraview.onCreate( FIX PLEASE ?

  2. Moeez Ahmed Reply

    Hi, Nice tutorial You are excellent Programming Expert! (Y)
    but i have problem when i rotate to landscape my phone app stops working "Unfortunately, app stops working" displaying this message it terminates.
    please help?


    i have provided the permission also but only blank screen is coming..

  4. Suhaib Shana'a Reply

    can make camera with center rectangle for solve equation by capture ?? Plzzzzzz
    tell me

  5. Rohit Rajat Sharma Reply

    Hello sir, I was learning camera tutorial and I found your really great videos tutorials but sir in this tutorial I can't open my camera I mean I can't see anything on the screen even after giving permission of camera from the setting's please do help me Sir.

  6. Hayk Mkrtchyan Reply

    Hi. I have a question, can you help me? When an application needs to use the system camera, we create an intent with ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE and add the <uses-permission android: name = "android.permission.CAMERA" /> permission to the manifest. But besides that, there is one such <uses-feature android: name = "" />. What is it for? I read that if this line is written, then if the phone does not have a camera the application will not install. Is it true? And besides this, why do we need this?

  7. Jorge E. Pérez-Jácome F. Reply

    Hi. I want to express my thanks. What you mention at around 14:00, about setting the permission specifically in the device, under settings-Apps-MyCustomCamera, has solved me a big problem. It turns out I had tried two different tutorials before yours, and the Apps were always failing. I can't believe the other tutorials didn't mention it! Now, how can I avoid having to set this permission manually? (i.e., the App obtaining permission by itself, through instructions in its Manifest or something internal). Thanks again!

  8. Nohaila Nabar Reply

    السلام عليكم bahia pleaze i have project concernant take picture with measure and i don't know the methode in android and are know that android studio can do this

  9. Why are you working with a deprecated api when there is Camera2…

  10. Nhat Anh Nguyen Reply

    I got error like this. how to fix it ?

    'android.hardware.Camera$Parameters android.hardware.Camera.getParameters()' on a null object reference

  11. Farooq Ahmad Reply

    Nice, but this camera class is deprecated. Plz make such toturial on camera2 api as soon as possible. Thank you

  12. Rushikesh Aundhakar Kolhapur Reply

    Will you send me source code please … my email ID ::

  13. Viktor Vostrikov Reply

    Please help!!! Why my camera preview stretches on some devices, like one plus and etc… I am working 1 month on this issue.. Please provide code or suggest, how can I ensure that all devices are supported? Edit: I can't use third party libraries, app has to be small as possible. Try this app on Pixel 2Xl, you will see… please help

  14. Kardelen Hasar Reply

    sizin yaptıklarınızın aynısını yapıyorum ama hata alıyorum

  15. Farruh Habibullaev Reply

    Would be better tutorial, if you explained why you are using the particular APIs, and what its purpose is.

  16. jesrael matt Custorio Reply

    I am having error – you may check the screenshot link
    it says cannot find symbol variable frameLayout


  17. why would you teach something that is using components that are about to be deprecated any moment?

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