This tutorial is about:
✓Create PDF app.
✓Display Specific or all pages from PDF
✓Display PDF from Assets folder.
✓Add padding between pages
✓Scroll PDF pages vertically or Swipe horizontally.

PDF file:
Write PDF(Java):
Write PDF(Kotlin):

Feel free to comment in case of any problem

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  1. Langrine Samuel Reply

    Thank you for sharing. Is there any video for create PDF apps for ios (apple)

  2. Sanjan Hegde Reply

    This library adds 20MB extra into your final apk. Not worth it at all.

  3. Abbas Ashraf Reply

    Assalam o Aalikum sir…sir kindly tell me rightside sy swipe ksy kry…and sir jab pages end ho jaty hai to unfortunately has stop likha a jta hai …kindly please hepl me sir….Advance Thanks sir 🙂

  4. Hidung Pesek Reply

    how to open if the file from url? i just try read the library guide use uri but nothinh happen just blank

  5. Sujeet Kumar Reply

    for search text and highlight it in this pdf

    what i have to do

  6. Sami Da Geek Reply

    Hello bro, how to fix cannot resolve symbol 'FitPolicy' ? thanks bro

  7. ー・完全犯罪党・ー Reply

    We need box search text, how about use but idk how to combine with bartecks pdf lib

  8. Marvin Tamayo Reply

    hello is it posible to add a button within pdf view that let you choose if you want to swipe horizontally or vertically? and what is the code for that.. thanks for the video btw very nice and helpful!!

  9. Is it possible to have an edit function to edit the pdf from within the app?

  10. İdris Baydar Reply

    hi, thanks for your video. can we search word in this app for content of pdf, as adobe reader?

  11. Learn Technology Reply

    Please reply how to open different PDF file from assest folder of android app in single activity in listview

  12. yusuf ismail Reply

    helpful thank you
    but i get error
    Unable to resolve dependency for ':app@debug/compileClasspath': Could not resolve com.github.barteksc:android-pdf-viewer:3.0.0-beta.5.
    pls help me

  13. nice video
    i want to ask
    are you know about open encrypted PDF file on Android from read external storage?
    if you know give me tutorial or source code pls

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